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    Default Re: Hysterical Blindness (405)

    1. Not sure what Emma's deal is.

    2. Claire/Gretchen. Meh.

    3. Doubt we've seen the last of 'Nathan' but for the time being it'll be interesting to see how Sylar gets on in the carnival.

    4. OK, Hiro's hit the deck in NYC. WTF?

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    Default Re: Hysterical Blindness (405)

    Quote Originally Posted by EvilSpaceAlien View Post
    Pretty solid episode this week. Much better than the lat episode.

    Sylar/Nathan has lost his memories and has ended up in the carnival. I wonder what they are going to with this.

    Emma is back, and I must say that i like her more than any potential love interest for Peter than anyone else.

    That it was. For the first 5 eps, i would place this in the top 2..

    I am really liking the deaf girl, Emma and her color powers. Though until the end where it showed her 'getting angry and cracking the wall', i really wasn't even thinking that it was a power..

    On the whole Carnival scene, i really would love to see Sylar go all 'scalping' on them at some point in time..

    Quote Originally Posted by entil2001 View Post
    The only saving grace is how it might inform Samuel’s agenda. He’s definitely playing a riff on the Magneto archetype: he believes that the metahumans are better off together, able to protect and foster each other, than they are in the mundane world. And there’s no denying that Samuel is deftly portrayed. His little performance for Sylar at the end was very well done.
    It also opened a few questions up. Like how DID that whole carnival get there.. Did they teleport? Why was it that the cops chasing Sylar didn't see the lights/hear the noise, or did they and that's why they looked so confused when they got to the clearing??

    Quote Originally Posted by entil2001 View Post
    Unfortunately, they chose to use the common trope of the psychotic stalker lesbian as the red herring in this case. It also doesn’t help that this entire subplot was the result of an offhand suggestion. Making Claire bi-curious seems like it comes out of left field, not like it is a natural evolution of the character. (Other potential homosexual relationships felt a lot more organic in comparison.)
    It also imo reinforces the stereo type that a lot of females who go to college, go through a Lesbian/Bi stage..

    Quote Originally Posted by entil2001 View Post
    Speaking (however indirectly) of chemistry, as much as I like what Peter and Emma were doing in this episode, and how well the producers are treating Emma’s “Dazzler” ability, I hope they don’t end up in a romantic relationship. It’s a bit of a cliché, and Peter’s track record is fairly horrible.
    I disagree. I do hope they go the romantic method here. Yes his last one didn't pan out (heck is she still stuck in the future??), but what was his others??

    Quote Originally Posted by entil2001 View Post
    Besides, once he discovers Nathan’s true fate, I imagine he’ll have other concerns on his mind. That, and Hiro’s situation, which rather coincidentally dropped into his lap.

    Hopefully, Peter will be the one to figure out that Hiro should be readily healed by an infusion of Claire’s blood.
    I am actually hoping that is NOT the fix for Hiro..

    I also LOVED the whole "Hiro messing up time and time again" to save that lowely accountant who kept copying his butt..

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