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    Atlantis is equipped with Drones which go through shields anyway so it would rip the Destiny to shreds, but having said that Destiny is a big ship still and the Drones would probably cause an overload long before the Drones carved her up.

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    If Destiny will attack Atlantis-Destiny will not have chances because Atlantis it is a big city which has drones,cannons and other weapons,also this city has very powerful shield.

    Destiny can't resist vs fire which will go from the Atlantis. Battle will be impossible.

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    You know, this may have been mentioned before, but one thing that's always bothered me is how old they chose Destiny to be...even Atlantis is too old. I mean Destiny being created 50 Ma puts it almost at the back end of the Paleogene, given the fact that the Ancients look like modern homo sapiens, it kind of throws evolution out the window. I mean ok, Atlantis is maybe believable, as homo ergaster achieved the use of fire about 1.5 Ma, but homo sapiens as we understand wouldn't evolve for another 1.3 Ma. I know that all fiction requires a suspension of disbelief, so I shouldn't split hairs over the back-story of Atlantis; however it's sci-fi after all (yeah, not hard sci-fi, where you'd expect explanations for every last detail) where you expect some of this to be taken into account, so the age of the Destiny period being 50 Ma is still an enormous plot-hole. They could have at least made the Ancients look slightly different, simply to justify a notion that if homo sapiens looked 1 Ma like we do now, then they'd've evolved a little bit. Sorry if I'm being too nit-picky; those are just my thoughts...

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    Destiny had to be in range of selective gates. When out of range it couldn't dial the planets and vice verser, probably cos they're prototypes of the original stargate before MW/Pegasus gates superseded them. If the galaxies and destiny were updated with MW/Pegasus gates they'd probablg be able to dial gates from anywhere in the galaxy and further out. Theres a possibility of upgrading destiny to dial more if more programming was added to the gates and delisting.

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    I believe the destiny gates are the prototypes launched in the seedships ahead of destiny and dropped on planets from galaxy to galaxy. I believe earth had a destiny gate once but then the ancients had an upgrade and build the mark II gates for the milky way galaxy and earth, possibly other galaxies too. Then they left for pegasus cod of the plague and there, they built thr Mark III pegasus gates and seeding them on planets there. They never made more after that but its possible other technological advanced societies got the same idea and built gates in their galaxies destiny hasn't visited? The Tolan with help from the knox built their own style of stargate.

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