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    Default Phased and Confused (306)

    A mysterious "superhero" who can walk through walls and fly is causing a ruckus in Eureka. Meanwhile, Zoe and her friends are trapped in a forgotten bunker that was built before World War II. Zoe slips and falls in a mysterious substance.

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    Default Re: Phased and Confused (306)

    Well, I'm only partway through the episode at this point, but goodness, I'm getting really, really, *really* irritated with Carter's sister... I don't know if she's supposed to be endearingly kooky - I can't understand why so many of the guys seem to be going gooey over her - she's driving me up the wall. The whole "oh, I rearranged your house to make it better" thing a couple of episodes ago, and today it was "oh, I told Zoe it was all right" about something she wanted her to do. You're her *aunt* not her mum, it's not up to you!
    <end rant>

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    Default Re: Phased and Confused (306)

    I think they brought Lexi in to have a pregnant character.
    but then Salli got pregnant so they dumped Lexi .
    Personally, I'd rather have seen them bring back Carter's ex-wife. More conflict there.

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