Hmmm not what i was expecting not bad but not what I was expecting. I was thinking that this would be sorta of like Back ot the future II (only without the cool Delorean) SG-1 go back in time gets in to lots of fire fights and emerge victorious only come home to find the universe FUBARed (roll 'To be continued' and credits)

What we got was a slow episode who's mai features were:
*Nice parady of CotG (sam hates the organs line Jack tells Samuel to bugger off)

and..... (drum roll please)

Major Davis with a moustache Which made it all worth it.

Also I don't get some of the changes to the timeline: namely Hammond and Carter. The Stargate being discovered shouldn't have affect Carter descion to join the millitary or Hammod's rank. He was a two star general before the stargate project so he still should be in the altered timeline.

To summary this was a slow building episode for Part II rather than high octane adventure which I was expecting...