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    Default Rules for Various Games

    The purpose of this thread is for game originators to post the rules of their games.

    This is for the posting of rules ONLY. No discussion, no chitchat. What we're aiming for is a thread that's just a page or two long but contains the rules for each variety of game.

    We want it to be a short read and 'one stop shot' for anyone curious about the games that might want to join them.

    So I invite the game originators to post the rules for their variety of game and then new users will have one simple place to look for guidelines.

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    Default Re: Rules for Various Games

    Well, I'm not the originator of these types of games, but I did start few going. Sorry if it isn't very concise, I tend to give more details than are needed...

    Heal & Hurt
    Elimanation game. I've seen characters, pairing, episodes, etc played in these types of games.
    How to play:
    1. Copy the last post
    2. remove the previous poster's + and -
    3. add your owns + and - and add and subtract 1 from the counts respectively.
    4. you can't add new items to the list.

    The point of the game is to take one vote away from one item and give it to another, so the total should remain the same.
    These games are typically once per day, so come back tomorrow and vote again. The first post should specify any special rules.

    First to 50
    1. Copy the last post
    2. remove the previous poster's + or formating
    3. add 1 to the entry you want to vote for and mark it by a + or bolding it.
    4. Once an entry reaches 50, it is placed and you can't vote for it anymore.
    5. vote once per day (usually, see first post of game for specific details).
    6. Usually the game will let you add new entries to the bottom by adding it and your new vote of 1 next to it, as long as it fits the criteria and rules of the individual game.

    These games typically go on past 1st place just to see who places later and in what order.

    First to 50 Picture Games
    Pic = Picture.
    The purpose of these games is to add a twist to the First to 50 by simply requiring that a picture also be posted with a vote.

    To post a picture:
    1. find a picture online here are some good sites you can find pictures from but DON'T HOTLINK from them:
    2. You can add the pictures to your gateworld profile (under My Controls > Pictures and Albums) or to a photo hosting site (like imageshack or photobucket).
    3. To post the picture on your GW reply:
      • Either click the "insert image" button above the gateworld reply text area and paste the direct link in.
      • or just copy and paste the BB Code link with the IMG tags.
    4. DON'T HOTLINK from sites that aren't image hosting sites cuz it hurts their bandwidth and makes them unhappy.

    Rules and Considerations for posting pictures:
    1. Obey the image posting rules.
      • There's one rule that says nothing more than 75k. So post a link to an animated .gif instead of actually posting it on the page.
      • Large images (more than 700 or 800 pixels wide) should be in SPOILER tags so they don't stretch the page.
    2. Obey the Gateworld Spoiler policy... which I can't find at the moment except that pictures from current or future episodes (movies) should be in spoiler tags.
    3. If you can't find a picture of the person/pairing/object/team/whatever you want to vote for, ask at the game and someone there can probably help you find one.

    Just obey the individual game rules. Often times they'll let you post the same pictures over and over and it's usually once a day voting. Some threads will let you post for more than one item at a time, look at the first post for individual game details.

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    Default Re: Rules for Various Games

    I would like to point out that the main rule for all games in this section is that they MUST be Stargate related.

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    Default Re: Rules for Various Games

    Quote Originally Posted by nebulan View Post
    [*] You can add the pictures to your gateworld profile (under My Controls > Pictures and Albums) or to a photo hosting site (like imageshack or photobucket).
    or by clicking the little picture icon on the main reply box thing and going 'from URL' paste the URL and un-check the little box with a blue tick in it

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    Default Re: Rules for Various Games

    Reminder to all Gamers :

    One thing to add in here ,because it's something that will help the games run more smoothly : PLEASE check you've picked up and copy/pasted the correct list when you play in the H & H ,Vote Games and any other relevant threads.

    The Mods really would prefer to keep this section and the other game threads throughout the Forum as fun and "Un-modded" as possible.

    At the same time,please don't feel offended or singled out if your posts/tallies are corrected in the threads by other players or a Moderator.


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