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    Default Re: Caprica - Pilot (101-102)

    I just bought the DVD for 5$ and I have already seen the TV version. Interesting to read that there are edits and what not. So I'm looking forward to watching it. Alessandra is a cool person. We talked yesterday so that was cool and made go out and buy the DVD.

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    Default Re: Caprica - Pilot (101-102)

    the pilot is the only good ep imo

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    Default Re: Caprica (Pilot) Discussion *Spoilers*

    Yesterday i have started to watch Caprica and i knew that's only one season. So i have not much hope to get a got serie. After watching 3 episodes i like it. It's the same camera view like in battlestar and to see the beginning of cylons is very exciting to watch.
    I love religion stuff and so, its always make sense to watch battlestar and co

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