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    I just think its funny how when it first happened people were like ''oh they're gonna use that all the time now this ruins heroes for me'' and now they're yelling ''use claire's blood you idiots!! if you don't you'll ruin heroes for me''.

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    Default Re: An Invisible Thread (325)

    ok, enough of the talking about other fans' opinions and more about talking about the episode please

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonzey View Post
    I love how people absolutely hated when they introduced the whole Claire-blood-healing thing, and now they're trying to pretend it never happened but the fans are once again furious that they changed it back.

    It seems to me that since Bryan Fuller came back, they've been trying to undo the mistakes made in season 2 and 3, and the healing blood is not the only one.
    I never liked the Clair blood thing but the least they could do is be consistant I mean for g**s sake don't we deserve that at least.

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    Default Re: An Invisible Thread (325)

    1. No Claire, didn't your Dad tell you 'not' to get fooled by Sylar?

    2. Liked the Petrelli double act.

    3. Liked Peter's use of shapeshifting.

    4. Not so sure about "Sylan".

    5. What fate Hiro?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shan Bruce Lee View Post
    That was a pretty strong finale to vol 4. I was kinda hoping for an explanation of w/e is wrong with Hiro but I guess it'll have to wait.
    The way they got rid of Sylar without actually killing him was pretty clever.
    I was hoping Peter would get his powers back when they went to fight Sylar but it doesn't look like he'll actually need them... at least for now

    Nice start to volume 5 too.
    I too would have liked to hear an explanation with Hiro.. Even if it was only an initial diagnosis..

    On the sylar issue, while it was inventive, i doubt it will stand for long. Sylar seems to be rather strong willed..

    Quote Originally Posted by the fifth man View Post
    I really think that finale was amazing. I thought it would be Nathan to die, but what they did to Sylar, I never saw coming. I really can't wait until next season to see what happens next.
    I was saddened to see nathan die for good.. You would have thought either Noah or Claire would have thought to inject him with her blood to ensure he got healed up.

    Quote Originally Posted by knowles2 View Post
    So Nathan/sylar hybrid is the new enemy next season fun. As well as with water lady killing random people. And the company is reborn. I am so hoping that next season everyone is together from the first episode, an the first seen is them all having some sought of board meeting discussing the company, with them about to authorised there first mission.
    I too would find that sweet, if the first ep for S4, shows the new "Company" having a sort of board meeting..

    Quote Originally Posted by knowles2 View Post
    Again the fight between nethan and peter and sylar was rubbish. I think they should of shown more and made it bigger and left at the drowning sequence at the end for next season and use that money for the sylara and peter and Nathan fight scene.
    It was rather crap.. All we saw was claire getting tossed out the room, some sounds of crashing in the backround, Claire looking through the slit in the door at a 'glow', peter walking out (well more like stumbling out", nathan getting tossed back in and sylar showing up and TK slitting his throat..

    Quote Originally Posted by knowles2 View Post
    So peter is back to his full power, well unless he was stupid and did not absorb Sylar base line ability and then use that ability to absorb the rest of Sylar powers.
    It looked like all he took was the shape shifting. BUT maybe he took more. Who know's..

    Quote Originally Posted by knowles2 View Post
    As to Claire blood we were never told to the extent that it could be used repaired damage bodies, or how long it takes to take effect. But again they should at least tried. And just use Parkman to make the forget. Which would means that the company started on the same foundations as the previous one, lies and deceit.
    Exactly. Seems Angela doesn't want to learn from mistakes...

    Quote Originally Posted by knowles2 View Post
    And it also obvious that Sylar brain with claire healing power would eventually repair what parkman did.
    True. Plus with all his powers, surely he has absorbed something that would help him free himself earlier..

    Well all in all, a decent wrap up to season 3.

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