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    Default NASA astronaut watched BSG from space!

    Last year I came into contact with NASA astronaut Garrett Reisman through my friend Leah Cairns (Racetrack), who he had met on the set. He told me this amazing story of him watching the BSG series in space during his last mission, talking to Moore/Eick from space and his visit to the set. Now that's a story I wanted to know more about! Well, easier said than done...

    Though Garrett had no problem talking to me I still had to go through the proper channels at NASA to get this interview and how do you convince them you want to interview one of their scientists who trained over a decade to be in space for just a few months about ...him watching Battlestar Galactica in space? Well, it worked out in the end! I got my interview and it was really cool. He even sent me images of him on set, meeting the cast and crew. He's basically a fan like us wanted to share his unique experience.

    NASA wanted NBC/Universal to give the okay on this too and that's where it went wrong. Garrett was in the finale and talked about meeting people like Eddie Olmos and Leah Cairns which NBC/U said was spoiler material since all fans would now know they were in the finale (Duh!). I had been extra careful NOT to discuss the storyline and then this happens.

    I put the story on my shelve and now the finale aired I can FINALLY publish this amazing story, almost 10 months after it was taped. It's still good though, very good. I truly believe it's one of the most amazing ones I heard so far (and I did over 70 interviews with the cast and crew so far).

    I hope you enjoy it!

    Garrett Reisman GALACTICA.TV interview

    Please give a shout here if you liked it to bump the thread. Thanks

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    Default Re: NASA astronaut watched BSG from space!

    You're awesome.
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    Default Re: NASA astronaut watched BSG from space!

    i saw this on the news very cool

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    Default Re: NASA astronaut watched BSG from space!

    That is so amazing.

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    Default Re: NASA astronaut watched BSG from space!

    how fitting!!
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