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    Default FarScape's Musical Journey

    Having spent the last year watching FarScape featuring Guy Gross' music, I came back to Season 1 this past week in celebration of FarScape's 10th Anniversary.

    It's interesting to note the change in music. Subvision's music in Season 1 and early part of Season 2 seems to have a quality that's lacking in Gross'. Not that that's a bad thing, but it presents a nice development that nicely follows the development of the series.

    In Season 1, Subvision's music tends to reflect the innocence that the show still had at the time (at least, as far as Crichton was concerned) and presents a nice "long way from home" feeling. And, it helps to introduce us to this new, wacky Universe. Then, as the series grew and we became more familiar with it, Gross came in and the music changed with the tone of the series, and reflecting the hell that the characters are now going through.

    Just an interesting thought that occurred to me recently.

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    Default Re: FarScape's Musical Journey

    The musical translation is probably my one of my favorite affects that set the tone for the series. I like how Guy Cross used all sort of more modern instruments, rather than than trying to emulate one of those big orchestra deals on other Sci Fi shows. It's not that I don't like the classical, dramatic stuff really, but more of I think it gets overused and becomes too easily "the expected mood music" for science fiction televison and then where's the surprise? I like the fresh new approach the Cross used to underscore the storyline with sound that makes more sense for a sci fi story.
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    Default Re: FarScape's Musical Journey

    I was just noticing this recently. Sometimes the soundrack is downright surprising. That one cue from "Throne for a Loss" almost sound like vocal-less rock music. Early or late, they both had their shining moments. I'm still hoping for a lalaland cd featuring "A Human Reaction". The alternate version of the old intro was awesome.
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