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    Default Guidelines for the Wow and Thunk Threads

    Thunk/Wow thread guidelines

    We've had some issues in the thunk and wow threads. I know the threads are mainly there for folks to get their daily dose of eye candy. And they predominantly exist just for pics. That being said, we have had some complaints about what people are terming spamming. What they see as one person, making lots and lots of posts in a row, often only having 1-2 pics per post, in what some think is a way to just increase a person's post count.

    We don't want to make stringent rules and suck the fun out of things. However, we do want to acknowledge the issues that some are having.

    So we're aiming for these guidelines.

    Please, no more than 20 posts per hour in a thunk thread. And by posts I'm referring to posts containing photos only.

    When at all possible, please put multiple photos in each post.

    Use spoiler tags to allow you to post photos while not wearing peoples' scroll wheels out.

    One thread to pop into to see an example is the AT Thunk thread. In it, one poster posts a lot of screen caps. What they do is to put one cap visible, the rest behind a tag. They can post their caps, those that want to see them can by clicking on the tag, those that aren't interested can go past them without scrolling a mile.

    Now we're not going to be banning people or moderating people for this.
    We're not wanting to turn this into a 'who can I find breaking the rules' marathon.

    Participation in this is voluntary. We know that some threads have self-imposed limits beyond these, and if the participants in the thread are fine with it, we're fine with it. Posters can decide amongst themselves if they would like to follow these guidelines. Or if they'd like a mod to help mediate a discussion, please let us know. We will be happy to work with you.

    Another thing for people to consider, if you find too many pictures posted by one person to be annoying, and if you're the only one that finds it annoying, then how about you put that person on ignore, you make them invisible to you. They and the rest of the thread can enjoy their posts, and you don't have as much to scroll past.

    We can't make a thread fit the sensibilities of a few, what we'll aim for is something that works the best for the most. And, in doing that, it means that people may need to not focus on changing others, but simply making it so that those others can't bug them.

    Have fun, live and let live, but also try to have some consideration for your fellow posters. Let's find a way to have fun, have your eye candy without annoying people away with 'too much of a good thing'


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    Default Re: Guidelines for the Wow and Thunk Threads

    I know most of you are really good at doing this

    But for those that are new or missed the big announcement at the top of the Character & Relationship Folder & Off Topic Folder......

    Pictures rules-
    1) They cannot be larger than the forum boundaries, 300x400 is a good size. They cannot be larger than 100K.

    2)If they are called from another server you must have permission to hotlink to them. Links like this do put a drain on servers and too many folks linking to too many pictures has been known to take a server down every once in a while.

    .gif rules -
    1) They cannot be larger than the forum boundaries. They cannot be larger than 100K

    Also a reminder that we have requested that you DO NOT REPOST pictures. Please change the IMG tags to URL when quoting a picture.

    If you are unsure how to do this, it means that you literally change the letters IMG, /IMG to URL, /URL and it will change the picture to a link in the quoted post

    We are asking for this due to bandwidth it uses on the server and you can help lower that as well as be thought of as wonderful to our Dial-Up members

    Post not adhering to this will be deleted. The Moderators will not be changing the tags any longer

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    Default Re: Guidelines for the Wow and Thunk Threads

    I have a little comment to add to all the rules and regs...this is a multi-national forum. We have people from pretty much every country, nationality, religion and social background.

    To use high school an an analogy, we have geeks and jocks, nerds and athletes. We have people that are good readers or good at math. We have people that are very extroverted and very introverted. We have people that have been here since 'freshman year', and we have people that just transferred in last week.

    There is something to be said for having some tolerance towards your forum mates. Maybe someone annoys you, maybe they irritate the crud out of you. You can let them annoy you. Let them bug you. Bait them or talk about them behind their backs....or you can practice a little 'live and let live'.

    If someone annoys you, scroll past. Put them on ignore. Or take a huge leap and get to know that person. For all you know, they may be a great friend in the making.

    Instead of letting peoples' differences annoy you or make you mad, try embracing them.

    I see a lot of cattiness on the forum. A lot of 'it's ok if I do something but this person better not ever do it', a lot of 'do as I say, not as I do'.

    At the end of the day, if everyone could just treat others like they'd like to be treated then the atmosphere as a whole could be a whole lot better.

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