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    Default Re: build your own ship

    Quote Originally Posted by puddlejumperOZ View Post
    This is the BB310, a ship I use for my FanFic, based on the 304, but at over 800 mtrs long, it''s huge. Has rail guns and plasma cannons,

    Improved Daedalus Class, BB-310 Attack Carriers: New ships built with all Asgard systems unique energy signature now effectively masked. Considerately larger than original models, carries 64 F307's (various marks, see below) and is almost twice as fast in both hyper and subspace modes. Current Ships, Columbus, Dreadnaught, [Lexington on systems trials] , Orion II, Victory, [Arizona, Colonel Chekov and Prometheus II, nearing completion] These new ships are now known as e.g. “Stargate Coalition Ship Victory”. They carry multinational, and mixed service crews, Air force, Navy, Army and Marines (as well as personnel from some of our allies such as the Free Jaffa, Tokra etc). Ships are equipped with exterior clamping stations to carry F307C’s (see below). Has double the missile capacity of earlier versions. Crew 310-380 :Air Wing 210 and up to 350 infantry, depending on mission. On a one on one basis, the 310's were built primarily to go up against Wraith or Ori ships and win. F307's 64 + 32. Up to 8 Tornado’s: see C401.

    Ah, the 310. I'd green it again if I could, but av gotta spread it round. Here have a Meredith Medal for Awesome-ness instead

    385 Heroes coming Home

    Here's to smart Mods

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    What I think is the perfect Tau'ri ship (may be a little overkill... )

    Owner: Tau'ri

    Name: Valhala

    Class: BC-305 - Achilles Class (Achilles is identical and stationed to guard the Wraith border in Pegasus)

    Appearance: BC-304 but twice bigger & polished to be more streamlined.

    Crew: ~200 + ~500 passengers (life support for 700)


    Primary: 1 Infinity Generator (Extracts energy from a barren parallel universe(Mrs. Miller episode but successful))
    Backup: 1 ZPM.
    Secondary: 2 Neutrino Ion Generators
    Backup: Can drain power from 304's, jumpers, portable naquadah generators or virtually anything on board


    Ancient Sub-light engines (same as Aurora class (.999c))
    Asgard Intergalactic drive (same as O'Neill class (Earth to Lantia in 4 days)
    Ancient Wormhole Drive (capable, never tested due to risk)
    Emergency Interstellar hyperdrive (limited speed & range; completely independant from main-systems)


    2 primary hangars containing:

    2 x 15 F-304 Wasp's (same as 302's but with tiny shield generators protecting the ship against the first few shots, emergency beaming (instead of a chute), a rear rail gun to shoot fighters in chase & missiles replaced by 2 micro-Asgard beam weapon (about 2.5% strength) Designed to fight as a sworm firing at enemy ships with micro-Asgard beam weapons to keep their shields under constant pressure or to provide the power to destroy bombers more easily (such as Al'Kesh).

    2 secondary hangars containing:

    2x 3 Jumper's v2 (longer than original, larger crew complement, hyperspace capable (limited in range & speed), cloak replaced by phase shifting, Asgard beaming added, 1 mini-Asgard Beam weapon(10% strength) added to the underbelly (comes out to fire))


    Primary: 6 Asgard Beam Weapons (one on each side)
    Backup: Ancient Drones (replenished using Asgard matter converter)
    Secondary: 12 Ori pulse weapons (reverse-engineered)
    Backup: 6 Tollan Ion Cannon
    Point-Defence: 32 Railguns

    Naquadria-enhanced nuclear warheads -> Launched or beamed.
    Capable of emitting a directed or omnidirectional wave of energy (such as ARW)


    Primary: Atlantian Shield (Imbedded in the infinity generator)
    Backup: Asgard Shield (part of the Asgard Core, bolstered by ZPM if main power is down)

    Cloak: Ancient Phase Shifting

    Internal security:

    Guest Area only accessible by 4 bulkheads (front, left, right & rear) and can be completely engulfed in a shield to contain guests.
    Force-fields every few meters (just like on ancient ships)
    Life sign detectors
    Automated turrets in "high-security corridors"
    Adjustable artificial gravity (used to immobilise)


    On-Board Stargate (with Iris)
    Replicator Repair team (like FRAN)
    Elevators replaced by transport rooms (like Atlantis)

    Current Mission: Explore the Ida Galaxy, find all remains of the Asgard Civilisation for safe-keeping.
    Future Mission: Explore other neighbouring galaxies in search for new civilisations.

    Potential Mission: Rescue Destiny's crew (based on success or failure of current plan)
    To do so the ship would have to perform a series of wormhole drive jumps (jumping from galaxy to galaxy) until they reached destiny. Chances of success are tiny & duration of mission is expected to be several years just to get there.

    Well? Overkill?

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    Default Re: build your own ship

    Here's an idea I've had for a new class of vessel for Earth. I don't think its too crazy, but it is based off knowledge gained from the Destiny's design.

    Name... EES 306 - Icarus Class (Named the Armstrong)

    Appearance... Think a cross between Destiny and the 304. Slightly longer than the 304, but flaring out in the back similar to how Destiny does.

    Power Source...
    Primary: Neutrino-Ion Generator
    Supplemental: Solar Particle-Fed Tokamak Fusion Reactor (Earth reverse-engineered version of Destiny's power system), Designed to support a ZPM if one is available.
    Secondary: 3 Naquada Generators - Weapons, Shields, Life Support

    Primary: Asgard Shields
    Solar Collector Drones: Destiny-Inspired Shielding (Earth could not re-create these shields over a whole starship, but could on smaller, simpler shaped ships).

    Primary: Fore and Aft Asgard Plasma Beam Weapons
    Secondary: 20 Launch Tubes - Can support Ancient drone weapons or nuclear missiles.
    Point-Defense: Rail-Guns providing overlapping fields of fire around the whole ship.

    2 Crew Hangars: One holds 4 F-302s and 6 AC-305s (Earth-built design taking cues from the Jumper and Needle Threader designs - fits inside the gate). The other is used as a research area for dangerous projects but could convert to a hangar to support an additional wing of 305s if needed.
    Solar Collector Drone Hangar: 30 drones dock in along the center spine of the ship.

    Other features...
    * Hydroponics Bay - Supply food and oxygen for long duration missions.
    * Solar Collector Drones - Designed to fly into stars to collect material for supplemental power.
    * On-board Stargate with Iris
    * Rotatable Gate-Room - Allows the gate to be used within the ship or open up to space. This allows Earth to launch 305s, weapons, or satellite probes directly into space at the Armstrong's location. Also serves as a security layer for forced incursions.
    * Asgard Transport Beams and Rings
    * Communication Stone Station
    * Asgard sensors

    * Primary Mission - Science and exploration in unknown regions of the galaxy and neighboring galaxies.
    * Secondary Mission - Use its ability to collect solar power in conjunction with other power sources to dial the 9-chevron address to Destiny.

    The idea is that while Destiny's crew was in stasis, Earth used the knowledge they gained of Destiny's systems along with knowledge from the Asgard and Atlantis databases to construct a ship which could use stars for power in a similar manner to Destiny. This could allow them to collect enough power to attempt a 9-chevron dial. Additionally, the ship will serve as Earth's first ship dedicated to scientific research and exploration.

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    Default Re: build your own ship

    This is a totally different, slightly crazy, idea I had for a new kind of ship. It is not meant to be a stand-alone ship nor pretty in any way.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the newest and most innovative creation of the Tau'ri: The Jackson Interceptor.

    Class: New Class : ADG Automated Defensive Guardian

    Appearance / measurements: At first glance it looks like a simple box-shaped object.
    Width : 60 Meters
    Height : 45 Meters
    Approximately 25 meters deep

    Crew: None / Unmanned

    Special feature:
    • Retractable wings, expands up to 50 extra meters on each sides of the craft
    • Fully automated and remote control possibility
    • Can attach itself to other ADG class ships by use of a sophisticated docking system
    • Great agility and maneuverability (Light weight ship) but really poor speed - not made for long-distance travels
    • Almost exclusively equipped with Tau'ri Tech

    Engines: X-302 class sub-light engines / No hyperspace capability. Each wings are equipped with thrusters and able to operate separately.

    Power source: 4 basic Naquadah generators, latest model

    • 5 standard Railgun batteries per wing (20 total)
    • 2 missiles tubes per wing (8 total)
    • One Naquadah-enhanced warhead
    • One *budget* Asgard Weapon
    • Bra'tac emergency manoeuver

    Shields: Asgard shield technology

    Hangar: One hangar which is basically the whole ship. Used to store ammunitions, computers and one really small station with an airlock to give access to one engineer for maintenance purposes. No life-support / artificial gravity.

    Purpose / Objective: The Jackson Interceptor's true purpose is to provide defensive support to a fleet or Mothership. Its small size and retractable wings makes it so it can be easily stored and stacked in a cargo bay or attached on the hull of a ship. It was designed to be disposable and keep enemy's fire off the main ships. Its small size gives this ship a good cost/efficiency and can be mass-produced. The hull is made of an improved Trinium alloy.

    Fun fact : The designers of this ADG-class ship named it after Dr. Jackson. They got the idea from reading many SG-1 reports detailing how many times our beloved Archeologist died during the course of his career.

    Practical use:
    Once deployed, the Jackson Interceptor's wings come out from the side of the ship and expose Railguns, which can fire constantly to provide support and easily destroy small-sized fighters. Railguns can also be used as a defensive measure to keep enemy fighters off the Mothership (think of BattleStar Galactica). Missiles tube and Asgard beam weapon are used for offensive purpose.

    Now comes the good part :

    The Jackson Interceptor can attach itself to other similar ships to expand its area of effect to form a barrage of ships. It can be strategically placed next to weak spots of any flagships to provide complete coverage. They are fully automated and can be remotely controlled by any crew member of an allied faction.

    The ''Bra'tac Emergency Manoeuver'': If an ADG vessel sustains critical damage, this last-resort failsafe function kicks in. The wings are instantly detached and the core of the ship is hurled at great speed towards the enemy. If successful, the ramming effect of this manoeuver cause the Naquadah-enhanced warheads found in the core of the Jackson Interceptor to detonate and inflict great damage to the enemy.

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    Default Re: build your own ship

    Ship Class: Typhon
    Ship Type: Stealth/fast-attack frigate
    Designation: FF-305
    Length: 150m *
    Width: 80m *
    Height: 70m *
    Shielding: Asgard shields
    Hull: Naquadah/Trinium alloy
    Sensor systems: Asgard sensor array, Lantean sensor array
    Targeting systems: Earth targeting systems
    Control systems: Auxiliary bridge, Control consoles.
    Navigation system: Computer navigational systems.
    Primary armament: 1 Asgard Beam weapon, 8 VLS missile tubes, 12 railguns, 2 twin-staff cannon turrets, 6 torpedo tubes
    Complement: 2 F-302s
    Other systems: Asgard transporters, Long-range transmitter, Transportation rings, Asgard computer core, Cloak, Hephaestus Core.

    Overview: In the past, every time Earth designed a class of ship, they would soon discover an enemy that could overpower that ship. The Typhon was the solution to that. Rather than take on enemy ships in a head to head fight, the Typhon is equipped with new systems and weapons that allow it to fight indirectly.
    The biggest system in play is the cloak. Smaller in size and smaller systems means less energy to mask so cloaking is now possible for a ship that is only slightly smaller than the 303. But even cloaked Ancient vessels can be detected if the enemy vessel can increase the sensitivity of their scanners using Alliance knowledge. The Hephaestus Core was Jennifer Hailey's solution, a heat sink that absorbs the ship's energy so that the energy signature is further reduced.

    It was originally intended have cloak every missile it fired but creating cloaks for all its missiles turned out to not be economically feasible. So the torpedoes were created. In atmosphere the only difference between the torpedo and the missile was one traveled through air the and other water. In space, the difference would be the missile would have an acceleration higher than a ship and the torpedo would have an acceleration on par with one. The reason for this is because the torpedo uses cold-gas thrust which is not as efficient but produces less heat. The rest of the heat from the onboard computers and targeting systems are masked by a stealth system derived from the cloak. This allows the torpedoes to be fired while the ship is cloaked and any ship not expecting the attack will not detect the torpedoes as a threat.

    The staff cannon turrets were created using designs from Anubis and serve as a versatile non-nuclear option. Weaker than the asgard beam but stronger than the rail gun, the turrets can function as both an anti-capital ship and point-defense weapon.

    Stargate spin off series: Stargate Millennium

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