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    Default War of the Worlds General Discussion/Appreciation

    Noticed we don't have anything to do with the rather sublime world of 'War of the Worlds' here. Love the book (seriously my all time favourite) and I actually thought the Tom Cruise film was alright. In this thread, discuss anything to do with the universe, be it 'Scarlet Traces', Jeff Waynes' Musical Version or the old George Pal film.

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    Default Re: War of the Worlds Thread

    Their also was 1980 tv series base in war of the world universe to. I here the first series recieve reasonable reviews, one a award in SFX. The second season was supposedly they loss their special effects guys and they change much the storyline.

    I have search everywhere to try and get hold of the series no luck, not on Amazon, not sold at HMV and even the usually reliable torrents of the world have fail me.

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    I love the entire War of the Worlds franchise ever since my dad used to play me and my brother the musical when I was a baby. It was the first peice of music I can ever remember listening to and the story was compelling and I kept looking at the Tripod destroying the Thunderchild on the front of the case.

    They used to play a few of the songs down on the beach front in my home town played by a large real orchastra with a laser and water display, It always atracted the crowds but I don't think they do it anymore. I think it's why im so into Sci-fi and wanted to explore the universe (A dream that was crushed but ohwell).

    When the new War of the Worlds movie came out I couldn't wait to see it. I loved this aswell but wanted it to be longer as the ending came up a bit to fast after they got out of the basement. It seemed a bit rushed and was the 1 of the few action movie were a love story would've been well placed.

    I also read the book this last year whilst I was unemployed and couldn't put it down, Great story writting with a sustainable plot for other books. I've also had the odd dream were im a human trying to survive in a deserted world with Tripods running around trying to be as quiet as a mouse. Plent more dreams and 1's the reason I don't want to move to London.

    Anyway no more ramblings from me I could talk about this franchise all day and not get bored, So just excuse the wall I just built. Maybe theres a Tripod behind it.
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    Default Re: War of the Worlds Thread

    i saw jeff waynes WOTWs on stage christmas before last, and it was awesome!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by AvatarIII View Post
    i saw jeff waynes WOTWs on stage christmas before last, and it was awesome!!
    Yea really want to go and see that. And I think the thing about the universe that grabs me is the Tripods. They're just a fantastic concept, and the imagery of a giant death machine walking through the country is both chilling and wonderful. Love it.

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    Default Re: War of the Worlds Thread

    I've never read the book, but I thought the Tom Cruise movie was amazing, I wish Steven Speilberg found some way to make a sequal.

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    Default Re: War of the Worlds Thread

    I loved the original movie, and the Steven Speilberg version. I even enjoyed the tv series way back when (what I can remember of it).

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