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Robert Picardo Shares Stargate Atlantis Memories

Jan 9, 2009 by Erin Fox

Robert Picardo has made an indelible mark as a successful character actor in Hollywood for the last 30+ years, starring as such beloved characters as Dr. Dick Richard on China Beach, Coach Cutlip on The Wonder Years, The Doctor on Star Trek: Voyager and most recently as hard-ass Richard Woolsey on Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. Now that Atlantis is airing its finale Friday, Picardo talked with about his time on the show, whether he'll be in the upcoming Atlantis TV movie, and his new gig on Chuck.

... Do you know whether you get to be a part of that movie?

Picardo: I've been told so, yes. And, I'll still be the commander of the Atlantis expedition.

... Did you bond with any in particular in the cast?

Picardo: The cast was very welcoming to me and they're all unique individuals — a fun group. Joe Flanigan (Maj. John Sheppard) teased me a lot about being his new "lady" on the show because my two predecessors were both female. And David Hewlett — I pride myself on being kind of a funny guy; I like to crack people up on set. But, David Hewlett left me in the dust. He's a very funny man. But both Jewel (Staite, Dr. Keller) and Rachel (Luttrell, Teyla) I got to know a little better because I hung out with them more. At Comic-Con, Jewel and I were paired up doing a lot of the press and Rachel had me over for dinner early on.