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    DHD Multiplayer stargate simulator

    Hi all !

    I am here to present to you a project, SG Network.

    This project is 2 years old and is the first multiplayer dialing simulator.
    Become a technician at the SGC and take control of one of the monitors of the control room. A suite of programs from the series will help you manage the stargate and the base with other players with whom you can communicate...
    It includes Abydos Gate with the DHD.

    It's developed in Java server side and client side Flash.

    Download : SG Network Portail

    Activation of the gate with Dialing Program :
    1. Click on a free monitor.
    2. To load the Dialing Program (sequencer of the door), use the numeric keypad, type 0101 and press ENTER
    3. Enter the 6 coordinates of the planet that you want to connect using the keyboard (from 'A' to '!' And 'C' to '='). Try the address of Abydos: XUD,$B
    4. Enter the point of origin of the Earth: A
    5. To activate the gate, made SHIFT + ENTER
    6. To close the vortex, made SHIFT + ESC

    (Sorry for my bad english, so I'm working on a better translation of the game )

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    Unhappy Re: Multiplayer stargate simulator

    how do I play the stargate online game on hear plz help me

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