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    Stargate Re: So if you could be a heroes charcter ?

    My powers would be
    Invisible Man

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    Default Re: So if you could be a heroes charcter ?

    Ummm... well... Peter of course, since he can do pretty much anything, and who wouldn't want that one?
    Dimmed light illuminates wearily a thousand skyscrapers of concrete, glass, shattered imaginations and severed dreams. Urban structures of brick and steel extend tendrils of decay and neglect into an aging embrace of irreverence, moving forward into synthetic joy.

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    Default Re: So if you could be a heroes charcter ?

    Copy power is obviously the best. But it would suck if you were the only one with powers hence you can't copy anything lol

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    Default Re: So if you could be a heroes charcter ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rodney dex View Post
    just an idea for a thread i havent seen it up here but im new so sorry if it is,just want to see what sort of charcters people would be and see some discriptive writting for story back grounds

    So if you could be a heroes charcter

    1.what would your power be would you use it
    3.would you help mankind or use for personal game
    4.what would you back story be?
    Quote Originally Posted by Rodney dex View Post
    so i will start it off this would be the detail of my charcter

    Name:colin Mcfar
    Power:to be able to speed the growth and slow down the growth of object(making a flower grow quicker,making a person grow of old age in seconds)
    My plan:i would use my powers for personal gain,would want respect caused by fear from my peers
    back sortyrob be something to do with a child who lost both parents at a young age bounced around foster home was abused etc,while living on the streets due to abusive foster parents he is attacked by a hobo and all of a sudden there life is drained,he is scared for a while and then practise his abiltys.starts to rule the drug lords,mafia etc causing fear on the peopel he meets(something like that)

    Very well.
    My chosen name would be Saquist.
    Power: Gravity

    My power would allow me to:

    Errect shields.
    Change gravitational constant
    Concentrate light
    Redirect energy and matter
    Fusion Detonations
    Create low Mass corridors (speed)
    Matter Collapse

    Advanced Powers:
    Atomic Synthesis
    Molecular Reconstruction.

    Back Story:

    Birth Place: Phongsali, Laos
    Original Name: Raja Pongvachararak

    My Father is Minister of Public SecurityThongloun Pongvachararak. He had an affair with an Brazillian-American diplomat and I was the unfortuant result that need discretion. I don't know my father well. I am some what well kept than others in the Phongsaly Division. He sends me letters. Sometimes there are gifts but not much else.

    I never knew my mother. I was deposited at my father's door step at 2 years old.
    My siblings of my father do not know I am alive. His other family is more important in his official capacity and it's convient if they don't know.

    I'm 16, I've worked for 5 years. I assist a multi-lingual teacher at a school. I prefer not to mention which. I discovered my powers last year around August 2008. It wasn't my fault...
    I was with my best friend maybe girl friend, she trouble. This man, a friend of her father does really bad things to her and she finally told me. I tried to get her to runaway but she wouldn't. I was at her home. Her parents didn't know. (I wasn't supposed to be.) I had to hide when he came and that's when it happened.

    I had pinned him to the ground.
    The house collapsed.

    I don't really know what happened. Whatever it was I felt the Earth move and the next hour I learned 1,000 had died in China...
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    Default Re: So if you could be a heroes charcter ?

    1.what would your power be-- My power would be to shapeshift into a tiger. But even in human form, I would have feral abilities such as strength, speed, agility, and enhanced senses. would you use it--To explore the city and rule the territory I stake out for myself. it is not a power that affects or controls others, so it isolates me, but also gives me acute control of myself physically. Emotions tend to be more tumultuous though

    3.would you help mankind or use for personal game--I would be anti-disestablishmentarian (aka fairly roguish, slow to trust, and generally [email protected]$$) but I would do the right thing when it really counted, for the right reason. Even if I pass it off as something that simply benefits me and mine

    4.what would you back story be?-- Wild child from a broken home with parents who gave me up. Eventually ended up in a research facility for a bit, but escaped and remained on the street ever since. Established a territory, and keeps the innocents safe. Bad guys beware, as well as anyone else who gets in my way. Borderline sociopathic (as I live by my own code). Quick to anger, quicker to fight, but always passionate.

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