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    Default Torchwood S3 return - when?

    So, when's season 3 of Torchwood returning (UK) on our screens? I'm really getting into it.

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    Default Re: Torchwood S3 return - when?

    Quote Originally Posted by hamatau'ri View Post
    So, when's season 3 of Torchwood returning (UK) on our screens? I'm really getting into it.
    Spring, they said. Probably March or April.
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    Default Re: Torchwood S3 return - when?

    Last year it was quite early, they may go for it again, it might air just before the first Dr Who special, last year Torchwood finished then a few days later DW started

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    Default Re: Torchwood S3 return - when?

    Given that bbc seem determine to keep these kind of dramas going all year, that I mean fairly big budget drama/scifi/adventure theme shows on all year round.

    I expect it to start just after Heroes ends. which is either 20 or 24 weeks long which given the hiatus of December, does put it around March/April.
    Through they may wait until after the Robin hood series end top fill in a gap, in drama area on their channels. probably putting it back to early summer

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    Default Re: Torchwood S3 return - when?

    I just hope it's sooner rather than later!

    I know they were filming in Cardiff Bay a couple of weeks ago because I was up there yesturday and this man told me he saw them there (damn, a few weeks too late with my visit!)

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