I’ve just read a couple of the actors reactions to the news that the show has been cancelled and I’m sad. Sad for the actors. I’m sure that they’re going to take away some great memories of the last five years, as will we, but I thought it would be a nice idea to share some of our memories with them.

I’ve become a lifelong fan of a lot of the cast and I think it would be a nice idea to show them just how much we’re going to miss their presence every week.

Some of us have been fortunate enough to meet them, a lot of us haven’t, and I know that there have been things I’ve wanted to say, and never had a chance. A simple ‘thank you for brightening my life every week.

Understandably we’re all putting so much effort firing off emails and letters, trying to save the show. Well why can’t we all take a few minutes to write something to the cast and crew.

I want to put together a fan book for each member of the cast. So I need your help to make this happen. So please join in, spread the word and lets show SGA just how much we love them.

The idea being that all us fans out there, and I know there are a lot of us, get to together, to write messages, artwork, letters, to put together into a book for the cast. I thought this would be a great way to let them all know how much we’re going to miss them and Atlantis

I hope this makes sense and I don’t come over as a crazy person.

I hope I explained it well enough, if not you can email me at shepsangel@gmail.com. This is also the place to send stuff if you want to help out.