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    Default Use Gmail for online storage

    Someone told me about this really cool program that uses your gmail account as an online file storage folder. Gmail gives you 1 GB of space but doesn't allow you to upload files unless they are attachments of email. This program creates a drive in "My Computer" and allows you to copy files to and from your gmail account as if it were a local drive. It obviously only works on Windows.

    There are the normal limitations. Gmail will only allow file sizes 10MB and below. I've tried it already and it works very well.

    You can download the application here:

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    Default Re: Use Gmail for online storage

    Omg, this is cool, im downloading right now, i have loads of account with gmail = loads of invites, il have gbs of space and 10mb a file is ok, mine are usualy less then that anyway, thanks for posting.

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    Default Re: Use Gmail for online storage

    That sounds to me a GMailFS Linux has

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