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    Took me a while, but I finally realized who would make a great choice for SGU.

    David Kopp

    He's not new to Stargate, as many of you probably remember him from 2 episodes as Lt. Grogan. He had just recently starred in a CBC comedy called Jpod, which, despite being a great show, was cancelled.

    The guy's young, his character in the SG universe would fit right in with SGU. He's a known actor, at least in Canada, and especially to young people. He's a good actor, probably not that busy anymore with Jpod cancelled.

    Honest to god, I think he would be perfect casting for Universe and I think or at least hope that TPTB might actually take a look at him for SGU.
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    I approve.

    I liked Grogan; he was kind of the less-skilled version of O'Neill.

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