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    Default Just finished watching all of DS9...

    And I'm in withdrawal I'd seen episodes of DS9 before, but never all of them, and I was a bit too young to understand all the intricacies of the series.

    But now I've watched a huge marathon of DS9 and I have to say I simply LOVE this series. I can draw a lot of parallels with modern TV shows. Unlike TNG and even Voyager which feel a bit out of place in modern times. And I never had much love for Voyager anyway.

    It's too bad they had to kill of Jadzia in Season 6. She was one of my favourite characters, and although Ezri is cool, she doesn't really compare to what Terry Farrel brought to the role. And, I regret not seeing the Ben Sisko storyline being resolved. I cannot beleive he would just leave his newborn child and Jake alone. But its too late to see any resolution to it.

    If anyone hasn't seen it, this is a great show to watch, although Seasons 1 and 2 struggle with the legacy of TNG, it really picks up after that, and you'll be carried away with the people who seem more real then any other ST show, without losing their likability like they do in shows like "BSG" where some characters are just going mad all the time.

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    Default Re: Just finished watching all of DS9...

    A truly great and epic scifi show indeed!. Now that you have watched it all the way through why don't you come join us on the DS9 superior thread right here in the Trek section of GW .....

    There are quite a few die-hard DS9/Trek/Scifi fans that freuqent everyday. We talk about all aspects of DS9 and any other Trek or scifi series. And the host of the thread (the Fifth Race) creates challenging and always fun Star Trek quizzes.

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