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Waving is a big thing in the South where I'm from. The code is that you must always wave when you are driving and pass someone you know. For safety sake you are allowed to lift one finger in salute or just "throw up your hand" as it were. If you are outdoors and someone passes even if you don't know them, you must wave. It drives Southerners crazy when people move there from other places and don't understand the wave code. My brother thinks his new neighbors are snobs because they don't wave. I have tried to explain it to him but to no avail. Around here we have people from all over, some wave and some don't. Funny but the most consistent wavers on my street are from Albania. LOL
Kinda like the friendly wave when you thank another car you can pass, or wave at the driver who stops at the zebra crossing. Learned to do that in the UK where it's customary to lift your hand in gratitude when passing each other on a tiny road.

Belgians however, are still learning. Though more commonly we use the indicators of the car to signal a sign of gratitude. Trucks started it.