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    Default Re: The Defiant One (112)

    A pretty good ep.

    That was one tough Wraith. Even the queen in the pilot ep wasn't that tough just after feeding.

    The glow bugs from SG-1 make a cameo. I don't think they had a thing for food in SG-1 though. Pity lots them got blown up by the Drone.

    Sad about that guy shooting himself because he thought he was gonna die anyway.

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    Default Re: The Defiant One (112)

    I don't think there were that many left.
    I like Sharky

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    Default Re: The Defiant One (112)

    MIdweek, another ep of Atlantis.

    1. I'd forgotten this ep aired while I was in Antigua first time round.

    2. Took a while for it to grow on me as a result.

    3. The bugs from SG1 showing up still seems corny.

    4. Gaul didn't look 'that' rough...sorry he died.

    Still a solid ep.

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    Default Re: The Defiant One (112)

    This one is little bit out and has a few grasping at straws. Yes we know the Wraith have amazing regentive healing properties and all. But I for one have a hard grasping at the ability of this Wraith to survive some of the abuse Sheppherd gave the Wraith when he was fighting him on the planet. A little unrealastic to me even from the Wraith healing aspect to believe he could take that much abuse no matter how long he has fed recently. Never mind the parnoid Weir sending out a team was a little too convient for my taste. But on the plus side I liked the emotional stuff McKay had with the dying scientist and trying to get him to continue to hold on. It was some nice stuff that was sadly forgotten. Did it ever bother anyone they never showed how the Wraith shield was installed in the Jumper?
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    Jelgate is right

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    Default Re: The Defiant One (112)

    The Defiant One

    So after the masterpiece that was "The Eye", we get an episode that involves the same old, same old; mainly involving the Atlantis crew and all. It's to be somewhat expected, I mean nothing can top that episode in terms of what follows afterwards. The Atlantis crew always find themselves in the most interesting of locals so I was intrigued by the idea of a downed Wraith ship. Shepard and Rodney make for great exploring buddies in my opinion and anything involving the Wraith is good as it moves the series forward but I've watched it and for some reason it feels very disappointing.

    It does start off nicely in space with Rodney trying to fly a gateship and the stuff that introduces gives off a natural buildup to what is revealed to be the Wraith ship. The first sights of something leads to the discovery of something else which leads to them landing on the planet which leads to them exploring the Wraith ship and discovering the secrets that lie within; the wonder is that nothing it out of place, it's seemingly natural, not abruptly jumping from one scene to another. It allows for a buildup that works within the adventure mold of the series and for the surprises of the episode which it does pretty well. I'd have to say that the buildup is essential to the episode, if they jumped in and revealed the Wraith directly then it wouldn't be the same right?

    All for the buildup...

    After the payoff however, the episode starts to get pretty boring with both Shepherd and McKay's plots lacking. I'll admit I love Shephard being a military tactician as much as the next guy and him facing off with the Wraith is good but it doesn't seem to be truly engaging, Shepherd just seems to be going through the motions as he faces off with the Wraith who's on his ship. The tactics he uses are seemingly brilliant and some of the ideas that come from the battle are pretty interesting but it just feels like a boring version of one of those Wild E. Coyote/Road Runner cartoons. The Wraith himself is interesting enough, I would of liked to see more of his history and some exploration since he is one of the ones who survived the Atlantian war and all but to see him be treated like just a common Wraith, to see him be underutilized is just sad; just look at what he did to survive, just look at the knowledge and potential that he holds. If I were the writers, I would of put him to better use.

    McKay's plot is better in that it gives him a chance to grow his character; for some time we show the amount of care he shows for people and it's nice many of his scenes show him as a character who just doesn't care but to see him near people, to see him want to see people survive regardless of the circumstances, that says a lot. Unfortunately it doesn't get much mileage due to the one-off character Dr. Goy appearing in his scenes; his only purposed seemed to remind us (and McKay) that McKay wants to be out there with Shephard. While his comment about change is good, it has me thinking; has McKay really changed at all? I mean barely anybody knows McKay and certain episodes show contradictory behavior... (he's brave/he's scared.) It does give a sense of weight to McKay's plot but it's something that's ultimately shallow. The moment where he commits suicide is nice (in fact, the first willingful death of Atlantis) but something tells me the that the moment seems almost forced, like the writers wanted it to happen to give depth to the plot. Again, the suicide is nice but it doesn't feel natural.

    Truly a good moment for him.

    The amount of setup in this plot is nice, seemingly innocent elements like those firefly creatures and that PowerBar (the official bar of Stargate) are used later on in climatic moments of the script; that certainly gives the script some cinematic integrity as it shows the writers know how to plant elements then make them a bigger part of the picture later on but there's also a certain feeling that the writers knew there'd be a nick in time element to it, like they couldn't figure out how to end it so they decide to have McKay appear and also Ford for good measure; Don't get me wrong, I did like it that Ford had a reason and the gateship itself was used as a seemingly innocent element and they have to end it but they could of ended it better. Additionally, we never got to fully focus on the wrecked Wraith ship, I mean they went down there to explore it and they end the episode forgetting that the ship even existed; it would of been nice to see some sort of closure when it comes to the ship.

    So this episode is unexpectedly disappointing, this episode is a complete borefest where mostly nothing happens. The beginning of the episode is great, we learn a bit more about the characters and the Wraith but it just seems to draw itself out for long amounts of time, especially during the face-off between Shephard and the Wraith; Shephard and McKay handle themselves admirably but even they too feel like they're going through the motions. A Wraith who's a remnant from the Atlantian war is an interesting idea but I guess the writers didn't think too much of that idea to make an entertaining episode.

    Back from the grave.

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    Default Re: The Defiant One (112)

    It also seemed to imply that there may have been differnet classes of wraith with differnt abilities. Sadly this was not to be the case.
    I like Sharky

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    Default Re: The Defiant One (112)

    This episode is Great!!! This is THE episode that made me ultimately LOVE the Wraith.
    I didn't like the additional scientists though. But maybe that's just because compared to McKay they were complete wusses. I totally liked those little bugs, they added humor to the episode.
    It is also interesting to know that the wraith resorted to cannibalism in times of need.
    Wraith like that one...I wish they all would be like that. I liked how hard he was to kill, being shot several times and still standing up. He was even blown up and he rose!! Like Sheppard said: "I've seen wraith go down with far less bullets."

    Basically it's a sad end, and it's very sad that he got blown up and scared like he was, but still, the way he acts...made him kind of funny... like his eyes going wide before the bomb goes off, catching the bugs, his cute smile... But that is one thing I miss with the wraith: I've never seen much expressions of pain or sorrow on them. Maybe because they were "just the enemy". Although I think giving the enemy a moral would have given the story even more indepth. It would raise even more moral questions like "Is it really right to kill these wraith who, after all, only have to feed..." although it might also have the risk of turning into a Twilight drama show, and that's what neither of us would want!!

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    Default Re: The Defiant One (112)

    This was a cool episode. Mckay was really on his game on this one. The only thing I didn't like was how tough the wraith was and how little they made of the suicide. Other than that it was great.

    The little glow bugs were interesting. I don't think they were meant to be the same as ones from SG1 since the wraith guy was killing them. The ones from SG1 would have phased through him.

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    Default Re: The Defiant One

    Quote Originally Posted by Shipperahoy View Post
    Good episode. Poor Nyan. I too wish it could have really been Nyan. It would have been a nice way of clearing up what he's been doing since season 3.
    I agree, it would've been great if he was Nyan. That could have even added to his jabs at McKay, "your country is known for Tim Hortons: quality family food for a reasonably price. My country mastered energy weapons, energy shields, and space flight before yours had running water."


    It just strikes me as endless positives, and no negatives in making him Nyan. Worse case, people don't recognize him, and figure he's meant to be just a random Milky Way alien who joined the SGC...
    "Most of our John Sheppard impressions sound more like a demented Jimmy Stewart than Joe Flanigan."
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    Default Re: The Defiant One (112)

    Quote Originally Posted by Lieutenant Sparrow View Post
    The glow bugs from SG-1 make a cameo. I don't think they had a thing for food in SG-1 though. Pity lots them got blown up by the Drone.
    I likd the glow bugs too and I was sad so many had to die.

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    Default Re: The Defiant One (112)

    I have been wondering about the possibility of disarming the Wraith by developing a product that would paralyze the Wraith's right arm, and/or provide a kind of shield protection that every person could wear that would deactivate and/or paralyze or poison the right hand when it attempts to feed. This came to mind when I saw Shepard aim and stab the right hand of the Wraith in this episode.

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