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    Default kawoosh reference

    hey can anyone tell me in wat episode carter actually calls it tthe kawoosh?
    i remember her sayin t but dont remember wat ep it is.

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    Default Re: kawoosh reference

    Its some where in seasons 5/6/7 if that helps lol

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    Default Re: kawoosh reference

    I'm almost positive it was in on of the last three seasons

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    no its definatly in either season 9 or 10 cos its her talkin bout mitchel throin the ancient comunication device into the kawoosh lol ne1 out der no?

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    It was Crusade, season 9 episode 19.

    CARTER: Well, since you disintegrated the Alteran Communication Stones and the base terminal in the kawoosh, we've beenů

    MITCHELL: I'm sorry the what?

    CARTER: The unstable vortex of a forming wormhole. Kawoosh.

    MITCHELL: Don't think I've ever heard you call it that before.

    CARTER: Really?

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    Default Re: kawoosh reference

    It's from Crusade.

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