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    Default Continuing Stargate: A 'pitch game' thread

    Pretend it's 1997, and the buzz is that MGM wants to continue the adventures of Colonel O'Neill and company. However, Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin aren't available, so MGM execs are looking for people to fill their shoes.

    Now pretend you're a Hollywood writer with an interest in the original movie, and create a pitch for continuing the franchise. The format doesn't matter; it can be film, tv, comic book, whatever, and you can make the pitch as detailed or as vague as you want.

    P.S.: This may or may not be the right forum for this kind of a thread, so move it if it's not.

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    Default Re: Continuing Stargate: A 'pitch game' thread

    daniel comes back through the gate and asks for help in fighting off the "children" of ra?

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    Default Re: Continuing Stargate: A 'pitch game' thread

    furling attack............... done in skywriting
    -Liberty Prime

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    Default Re: Continuing Stargate: A 'pitch game' thread

    Ra's "wife" or something flies to Earth to attack it for the sheer kicks and giggles of it.

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    Default Re: Continuing Stargate: A 'pitch game' thread

    evokes show up...oh..this was star wars, wasn't it?

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