Bray: Seriously? She can't even be in the same room as you!

Shan: For the sake of the General, we have to try, I can help her with the link, and i think she knows this.

San: She is special, but do you think she can do something like this?

Shan: There is a Prophecy, that all Wraith has heard of, but never thought would come to pass after the Ancients left this Galaxy.

Taoth: What kind of Prophecy?

Shan: "The Change of the Galaxy will come with the Child of two of the carrier of the Ancient, it will bring down the Darkness that will shroud the Galaxy, and all life will prosper once again"

San: And you think this refer to Cara?

Shan: My Queen told me this story countless of times during my upbringing. What this child could do. The Prophecy says the child will know when this Dakrness is close.

San: And Cara can, with you and Hybrid Mel, even though she's onlt taken over Mel's mind.

Taoth: Only? Look at me! Is this a thing you call only? She's wrecked chaos all morning! I was lucky I managed to get away.

San: You think she will kill?

Taoth: She has already done it. I don't know why she hasn't done it already.

Bray: She's playing around. She was going for the Master has taken over the base thing.

Taoth: What I don't understand is why?

San: I think I do.

Bray: Huh?

San: We had been talking about it, make a program to simulate an attack on Atlantis, so that everyone knew what they was excpected to do.

Taoth: And this Master was the main badie?

San: Yes. But this was after Hybrid Mel! She can't have known.

Shan: If a Queen is able to gain access to a human mind, she will have all the knowledge.

San: But she's not a Queen, she's a hybrid.

Shan: But is a Wraith none the less. Wouldn't have felt the presence if she wasn't and even if she's not a Queen, she will follow the command of a Queen.

San: A Queen would just have set the self destruct and be done with it. Mel want something else.

Bray: I just thought of something. Shan, if the Queen told you this story, and Hybrid Mel is with a Queen, what do you think her next move would be?

Shan: You don't think?

Bray: What if this was just an elaborate plan to get to Cara! You said so yourself, she is the key to the destruction of the Wraith!