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    Default Re: The Taking over the Universe plott

    JPJ closed the distance between them at lightspeed and pushed RiG back up against the wall. RiG was helpless to stop the side of JPJ's hand from impacting with her throat in a perfect karate chop. The back of RiG's head smacked against the wall with a solid crack that echoed up and down the hallway.

    To JPJ's utter amazement RiG remained conscious. She was doubled over clutching her throat and gasping every few seconds. She saw a small smear of blood on the wall wear RiG's head collided with it and she knew she had just cracked RiG's skull open. JPJ beamed at this. She was getting her revenge for what Rodney had done to her daughter.

    "That's for Cara!" JPJ exclaimed.

    RiG frowned as she realized that she may not win this battle. She opened her mouth to retort but no sound came out. Terrified she tried again, and again nothing happened.

    "What's the matter?" JPJ asked with mock concern, "Cat got your tongue?"

    RiG stood there wide eyed, her hands at her throat. Tears sprung to her eyes and she continued to stare at JPJ, her mouth opening and closing a few times.

    JPJ watched RiG impersonate a goldfish with grim satisfaction then looked up to the ceiling as she, her arms raised, cried victory.

    RiG took advantage of JPJ's unguarded moment and released a savage kick to her unprotected stomach. JPJ hunched over holding her abused belly and RiG drove her elbow into her exposed back.

    JPJ hit the floor with a thump and RiG glared down at her before hightailing it out of there as fast as her abused body would let her.
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    Default Re: The Taking over the Universe plott

    JPJ groaned as she rolled onto her back and immediately regretted it as pain flared up and down her spine. She flinched and rolled to her side instead and took a few steadying breaths. Stealing herself JPJ pushed up with her good hand and slowly got to her feet.

    She looked around and noticed that she was alone once again. "Figures." She muttered and with her injured left hand tucked securely to her chest she started off down the hallway.

    She got ten feet before she realized she was standing outside one of Atlantises' many armories. A wicked smile came to her lips and she swiped her uninjured hand across the sensor. The door opened and she limped inside.

    She walked up to a grey crate marked Firearms and after singlehandedly fiddling with the latches she opened it. She saw rows of Beretta 92R pistols nestled inside and picked one up. She hefted it in her hand and looked at it thoughtfully.

    "Nah, too messy." She put the semiautomatic sidearm back in the crate and moved on.

    The next crate she came to was also grey but it bore no markings at all, that didn't deter her from opening it up. Again, she worked the latches with her good hand until the lid popped open. She raised her eyebrows at the miniature wraith stunners within.

    "Whoa! Didn't expect to see these!" She traced the top of one with a fingertip before picking it up. She took a few experimental aims and said, Not quite what I'm lookin' for but you'll come in handy later. She lifted up her shirt and stuck the alien weapon in the waistband of her pants at the small of her back so that her shirt would cover it. Not an easy feat with one working hand.

    She thought of the possibility of using a knife but that just wasn't her style. She quickly made a circuit of the small room and stopped when a big black crate caught her eye. She shuffled over to it and frowned once she got a better look at it. She didn't recognize the language that was scrawled across the front and top of it and, quite frankly, she was too tired to give a damn about what it said. She opened it, the latches bigger and somewhat easier to work one handed. What she saw inside made her grin. Wickedly.

    "Perfect!" She grabbed a block of C4 with her uninjured hand and said, "Oh yes, you'll do nicely!" She stuffed it into her pocket and picked up two more blocks of the explosive clay and repeated the process. She then grabbed a detonator from its own little compartment within the crate and tucked it under her left arm where it rested against her chest. She closed the lid on the crate with her good hand, pushing down until it clicked, turned around and stumbled back to the door. On her way she noticed three small, square metal box's sitting on a table in the corner near the door. She ambled over to to the table and frowned down at the metal containers.

    "Wonder what you're hiding?" JPJ reached her good hand to the one nearest her and carefully flipped the catches on the sides, one at a time, and slowly lifted the lid. She peered inside and saw what looked like aerosole cans. Six of them, lying horizontally, each one black as pitch with writing printed on their sides. She lifted her uninjured hand up off the table and tentatively pulled one out.

    She examined the writing on the metal tube and smirked. "Stun grenade. Perfect!" She tucked it down her left sleeve, mindful of her injured hand, and closed the box afterward. She walked out of the armory smirking and loaded for bear.
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    *In one of the Control Room Mel is standing watching one of the security cameras feed in total fascination*

    Mel: Bloody hell! I don't have to kill anyone! These two will kill each other!

    *Watches in fascination as RiG and JPJ beating each other*

    Mel: Those two really hates each other! *She grins* Should I be the good General and break it off? *She continues to stare* Nahh! This is top notch quality entertainment! Shame that I don't have popcorn! *she looks back at the controls, then to the feed and smiles wickedly and start pressing different buttoms*


    GateTech: *Sees the computers going back online and stares at the screen* Oh my god! General SanGate! Come here quick!

    *San comes running out of the office and comes up to the GateTech*

    San: What's wrong?

    Tech: The computers came online! They are all showing the same thing!

    San: Did you?

    Tech: Not my doing... but look!

    San: *Watches the screen* Are that...?

    Tech: Yes ma'am.

    San: Impossible!

    Tech: No, that is RiG and JPJ pummeling each other.
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    Default Re: The Taking over the Universe plott


    San: Oh sh!t! This is bad!

    Fen: Uh oh... We need to stop this, where are they?

    San: Look like they are on the infirmary level *via the radio* Com in Bray*

    Bray: Bray here

    San: I need you on the infirmary level stat! JPJ and RiG are fighting!

    Bray: Come again?

    San: We are getting a feed and the two are fighting, and if we don't stop them it will end badly!

    Fen: I'll look for Rodney and the doc, they are gonna be needed.

    San: Yea, go.

    Bray: I can't find Taoth or Vega anyway. Bray out.

    San *while looking at the screen* And can someone shut this down!

    Tech: Trying to, General, but whoever put it up are keeping me from shutting it down.

    San: This day just keep getting better and better, we have an lockdown, a possible enemy in Atlantis who has possibly brainwashed Taoth, Vega and who else, oh and Melfan is missing. *She sits down on one of the chairs*
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    Default Re: The Taking over the Universe plott


    Bray: Allright, let's head to the infirmary level, we have a fight to stop

    *They head off*

    Marine: And here I thought it was just a quarantine.

    Bray: That's Pegasus Galaxy for ya

    Marine 2: How many levels up?

    Marine 3: About 5 levels up

    Bray: Piese of cake

    Marine: Don't remind me

    Bray: What?

    Marine: Haven't had anything to eat all day

    Bray: As soon as the quarantine and we dealt with the threat, I'll buy you a pie.

    *Suddenly Bray stops*

    Marine 2: What?

    Bray: I though I heard something

    Marine: I don't hear anything

    Bray: Must be imagenating it

    *They head off down the corridor to the stairs, we are still at the hallway they just left, suddenly someone fall down from the ceiling*
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    Default Re: The Taking over the Universe plott

    *Walking down the corridor, Taoth thinks she hears something and lifts her weapon in response*

    C Carson: What is it?

    Taoth listens for a moment, then lowers her weapon: Nothing, probably just me

    *She stumbles a bit. Then resting against the wall for a moment, moves onwards. C Carson feels her forehead*

    C Carson: You're running a slight fever, I need to get you to bed

    Taoth looks at him funny, then shakes her head: I can't go to the infirmary, I would get caught and locked up in the brig, sorry doc. The medicine should bring it down, right?

    C Carson nods: Aye

    Taoth: We're here *tries the power room door, but it's closed* Damn it *takes open the console and gets to work opening the door* give me a minute *the door opens *

    *They go in, and the lights come on. Taoth heads to the main console*

    C Carson: You do know that once the systems are back on, they'll be able to track your movements in the control room

    Taoth: Yeah, I've been trying to think of a way around it. Let's just hope they realise it's the General before that

    *Some of the systems come online *

    Taoth: Well hello there *A security feed comes on, it shows RiG and JPJ fighting* Erm, Carson

    C Carson comes to see: Oh my!

    Taoth: You should go, quick. I'll see what can do here

    C Carson nods, and leaves

    Taoth to herself: What are you playing at now general...

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    Default Re: The Taking over the Universe plott

    A panting RiG found herself back near the Infirmary and groaned.

    "Well that's just great! I went in a complete circle!" She threw her hands up in annoyance and huffed.

    Her throat was raw and her mouth was dry from not being able to breath out of her swollen nose, she reached a hand up and tentatively inspected it. "Ow." She sighed, "That's gotta be bruised by now."

    She turned and caught sight of her reflection in the window she hadn't noticed she was standing next to and whimpered. "Oh my... I look like Marsha Brady!" RiG again reached out and touched her nose, lightly this time, and frowned. She walked away from the window muttering death threats to a certain female doctor when she heard faint footsteps coming from behind her.

    She turned around and saw said female doctor at the end of the hallway, having just turned the corner.


    RiG spun back around and sprinted down the hall, away from JPJ. While she was running she could swear she heard the sound of a wraith stunner discharging.

    "Think you can get away from me do you?" JPJ muttered. She lowered the stunner and, with her left arm still cradled to her chest, she half staggered half ran as fast as she could down the hall after RiG.

    She grimaced as she watched RiG duck around the corner at the end of the hallway. "Damn!"

    She stumble then, losing the detonators when her left hand flew away from her chest in an attempt to regain her balance. They landed on the floor with a clatter, she accidentally stepped on one of them.

    "Well, sh1t! There goes that plan!" She pulled the C4 from her pocket and tossed it over her shoulder as she continued to make her way down the hallway.

    JPJ reached the corner and paused to take a breath. Her fingers were throbbing by now and her head wasn't too happy either. She cautiously peeked around the corner and smirked when she saw RiG at the end of the short hallway.

    RiG was just standing there, her back to JPJ, whether she was catching her breath or looking at something JPJ didn't know, nor did she care.

    "Too easy!" JPJ murmured to herself as she pulled out the stun grenade from her shirt sleeve. She hefted it in her hand before quietly, slowly, edging closer to RiG, like a predator stalking it's prey.

    When JPJ was within twenty feet of RiG she stopped. She looked at the stun grenade in her hand and realized, belatedly, that she had no way to pull the pin.

    "Oh for crying out loud!" She blurted.

    RiG jumped and spun around and JPJ, her plans all but shot to hell now that she'd given herself away, did the only thing she could...

    ...she lobbed the hunk of metal at RiG.
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    Default Re: The Taking over the Universe plott

    RiG's reaction time was hampered by her injuries which is how the stun grenade hit the side of her forehead, near her left temple, rather than head on. She couldn't duck or turn her head fast enough to avoid the impact completely.

    The force of the impact sent her reeling backwards. She lost her footing, and, with her arms flailing, she toppled down and out of JPJ's sight.

    "What the...?" JPJ whispered.

    Metalic 'thuds' and 'thunks' along with one 'clink' echoed off the walls as RiG tumbled down the flight of stairs she had been contemplating just moments before. She was unconscious before she hit the floor.

    JPJ hesitantly hedged her way towards the end of the hallway where RiG had been standing seconds earlier.

    Her eyes widened in shock when she finally got there and looked down.

    RiG lay sprawled across the bottom step, her left leg and arm were resting on the step while her right arm was pinned between the riser and her chest. Her right leg was stretched out along side the step, against the riser.

    RiG's head was turned towards the step so much so that her face was obscured by it. The only thing JPJ could see was the very side of RiG's left ear and it was covered in blood.

    JPJ looked from RiG's inert body on the floor to the blood smeared steps and back to RiG. She gulped, "Rodney is going to kill me.

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    Default Re: The Taking over the Universe plott

    *Corridor, not far from JPJ and RiG*

    Marine: Did ya here that?

    Bray: Yes, we mus be close

    *They continue down the corridor and went around a corner and came to a complete halt*

    Bray: RiG! *He ran towards her* Crap! *He looks up and sees a terrified JPJ* Arrest her! *He points at JPJ*

    Marine 1 & 2: Yes sir! *They walk slowly up the stairs to JPJ*

    JPJ: I.. I... Wasn't suppouse to happen like this....

    Marine 1: Mustbe the masters plan...

    JPJ: What? Who?

    Marine 2: *While cuffing JPJ* Oh don't be a smart ass with us. This whole lockdown is because of that. He must have brainwashed them in to thinking they are enemies.

    JPJ: What!?

    Bray: I don't think the brainwashing made them do it...

    JPJ: See... No brainwashing here!

    Bray: What did he offer you to take us out, huh?

    JPJ: What? are you out of your freaking mind!?

    Bray: Make perfect sence, who else could bring us down from within, not some one high, like San or Mel, but someone that are more in the background. He probably enhanced the hate you had for RiG

    JPJ: No, no! I.. no!

    *Just then comes Carson*

    Carson: I saw what happened on a screen with Taoth... *He gets quite when Bray and the Marines gives him a look*

    Bray: You found Taoth?

    Carson: No.. Yes... But, she...

    Bray: Where is she?

    Carson: What are you gonna do?

    Bray: For one arrest her.

    Carson: But she isn't the one in charge!

    Bray: I know, it's the master, he has taken over Atlantis.

    Carson: The Master?

    Bray: That what he calls himself, Melfan manage to get off a message before she was cut off, someone called the master has taken over Atlantis, he has Taoth and Vega in his grips, possibly injured Mel, and now he's gotten to JPJ.

    JPJ: And I keep telling you! This is the first I've heard of the master!

    Bray: Shut it!

    Carson: No, it can't be, Taoth, said... *He quites down and goes over to RiG to tend to her* Help me move her, we need to get her to the infirmary*

    Bray: *Walks over than haul Carson up from the floor* Once more... What did Taoth say?

    Carson: That General Melfan had been taken over by HybridMel it's all her fault.

    Bray: Can't be, we would have have detected her, besides, when HybridBray manage to take me over, he had to be close by.

    Carson: I'll guess you're right, son. Now quickly, we need to move her to the infirmary! *He looks over to JPJ* She needs medical help as well.

    Bray: Can't say no to that, as long as we are there with them.

    *Two marines come back with a strecher, the put RiG on it and head to the infirmay*
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    Default Re: The Taking over the Universe plott

    JPJ: Oww, get the hell off of me, oww *JPJ keeps pulling her left wrist away from the Marines*

    C Carson: Wait a minute son *the marine stops, C Carson takes JPJ left hand and gently squeezed either side of the wrist*

    JPJ: Oww Carson that hurts, I broke it!

    C Carson: I can see that, better not let Cara see you like this

    JPJ: no sh!t Sherlock

    C Carson: Don’t put handcuffs on her, you’ll only make the injury worse *the marine looks to Bray for confirmation, at the nod he removes the handcuff from her right hand* Ok call C Lorne I'll need him to look at JPJ whilst I sort out RiG

    Bray: Marine, go to CLorne's quarters, watch Cara and send CLorne straight to the infirmary

    Marine: Yes sir *he set off whilst bray taps his radio* Bray to CLorne

    CLorne: Yes Bray

    Bray: I am sending a marine to you to watch Cara, we need you in the infirmary

    CLorne: Ok CLorne out *close comms*

    *Arriving at the infirmary C Lorne had beaten then, he saw RiG first then JPJ*

    C Lorne: What the hell happened to you! *he went forwards other but a marine blocked his path* Move sgt

    Marine: no sir

    C Lorne: Why?

    Marine: She is under arrest

    C Lorne: for what?

    C Carson: attacking RiG, oh and Bray here thinks that Wraith Mel has taken over JPJ, which is not true, Bray go find Gen Mel, she is the one who has been taken over. This fight between RiG and JPJ is partly due to Rodney

    C Lorne: great, JPJ why? *JPJ looks at the floor*

    JPJ: I lost seeing Cara grow up, first steps, first word, all because of that idiot! I wanted to see how he’s feel losing out on that with his kid

    C Carson: Evan, I’ll deal with RiG you sort out her, she’ll be better with you * C Lorne nods as Carson heads after RiG*

    C Lorne: come here *he pats a bed, JPJ slowly moves to it and gingerly hops on to the bed hissing with pain* from the top where does it hurt?

    JPJ: My head hurts my eye, my lip, left shoulder, left wrist, fingers on my right hand, right hip, my stomach and my back

    C Lorne: right one hell of a black eye, spilt lip will heal in time *he takes her right hand and examines all her fingers* middle and 4th finger, they’ll need strapping up. *he moves to her wrist*

    JPJ: Oww that hurts Ev

    C Lorne: I know, it will need x-raying, but I would say broken. * He proceeds to her left shoulder* right again bruised, on your side *JPJ compiles and lies on her left side whilst C Lorne prods her hip* Not broken just bruised, on your front *huffing she complies again and gets a 2nd prodding* bruising but I want a chest x-ray for any broken ribs, you also said stomach?

    JPJ: yup, poor tummy *C Lorne giggles as JPJ lays on her back for the 3rd prodding*

    C Lorne: right very tender no internal bleeding thankfully, I don't want to be doing emergency surgery on my girlfriend

    JPJ; Good I don't want my boyfriend operating on me

    CLorne: you are just going to be sore for a while

    JPJ: good job I have my own personal dr then

    Bray: Not in a cell you won’t!

    JPJ: I have a daughter to look after Bray and it was RiG’s fault anyway! Self defence!

    Bray: we’ll see *Bray turned to his marines giving them orders*

    C Lorne: right Emma, chest x-ray, left wrist and right hand please. Then 3rd and 4th fingers on the right hand need strapping, left wrist will need a plaster cast and then a sling and then just painkillers and anti-inflammatories *Emma nods and leaves to get prepared*

    Bray: Right I am leaving these 2 lovely marines here, you will not cause trouble, you will not attempt to escape, you will not see RiG or Rodney and if you do leave here they will go as well, understand?

    JPJ: Yes *she turns to C Lorne* where’s Cara?

    C Lorne: Sleeping in our quarters, when you are patched up I will get her and not before *his voice was forceful and about the only thing JPJ was listening to, not being able to see her daughter was still a very raw thing for her, it made her comply*

    Bray: I'll leave you medical lot to it *with that Bray turns and leaves*
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    Default Re: The Taking over the Universe plott

    *Melfan's location*

    Melfan: That was over quickly... And I wanted entertainment!

    *she checks the security feed and see the room where Lorne and Lizzie was suppouse to be is empy*

    Mel: Oh for crying out loud! Where the hell did they go?!

    *She goes trough several feeds and find them in a corridor*

    Mel: You two are staying put. Lucky me, Rodney showed me how to put up a force fieldin small areas *She starts the program and initiate the field trapping them*

    *Moments earlier*

    *From ceiling*

    Lorne: You okey? *looks down from the went Lizzie fell*

    Lizzie: I'm peachy! *Get's up while Lorne slowly get's down from ceiling*

    Lorne: Now what?

    Lizzie: You don't have a plan?

    Lorne: A good one? No.

    Lizzie: Why don't we just go to find San and tell her that Mel has been taken over by her evil twin.

    Lorne: Clone, not twin.

    Lizzie: What ever.

    Lorne: We don't know if she has them duped.

    Lizzie: I think she has, and when we tell them what's up they'll do something about it.

    Lorne: I doubt it.

    Lizzie: Come on!

    Lorne: I'll try to be realistic. She could have them duped in to oblivion!

    Lizzie: Just because she got you horozontal!

    Lorne: Uncalled for! And yes, mostly becasue of that. If she could fool me, and you btw. She could fool anyone. For one, she could of told them we are liars. She caused the lockdown...

    *Suddenly a buzz is heard and a shimmers is seen*

    Lizzie: What was that?

    Lorne: Something not good. *He walks 3 feet and comes to a stop.* Crap!

    Lizzie: It's a force shield! We're trapped!

    Lorne: She found out we left.

    Lizzie: No kidding, but what good does it do that we are out in the open?

    Lorne: Don't ask me!

    Lizzie: We're screwed.
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    Default Re: The Taking over the Universe plott

    C Carson and his team headed out with an unconscious RiG strapped to a gurney, a cervical collar around her neck. Her head was swathed in gauze and there was a splint on her left arm. Leads from a portable defibrillator were attached to her chest.

    They stopped at the first transporter they came to. While one of the nurses was busy palming the sensor to open the doors C Carson had tapped his earwig, opening a connection.

    "Carson to Rodney..."

    "Yes. What is it?"

    "You need to meet me in the infirmary right away." C Carson replied as he entered the transporter.

    "Why? What happened? Is it RiG? Is she alright?"

    "RiG got into a fight with JPJ." C Carson sighed. He tapped the spot indicating the infirmary and they disappeared in a flash of white.

    "What? Christ! Is she okay?" C Carson heard Rodney's response as he and his team appeared in the transporter outside the infirmary.

    "She's unresponsive with multiple injuries." C Carson frowned at RiG's bloody nose.


    "She's unconscious lad." They left the transporter at full tilt and ushered the gurney with it's precious cargo to the infirmary with C Carson barking out orders as they went.

    "Sh1t! I'm on my way!"

    "Hurry!" Carson replied.

    At that moment a high pitched whine came from the defibrillator. C Carson didn't need to look down at the machine to know RiG's heart had stopped.

    "Bloody hell! Bag her!"

    He hopped onto the gurney while it was still in motion and swung a leg over RiG, effectively straddling her, and began chest compressions. A nurse had placed an ambu bag over RiG's mouth and nose and squeezed it rhythmically.

    "Charge the defibrillator! 200 joules!"

    His team found an open spot and parked the gurney. A nurse had flicked on the life saving device while C Carson ripped the cervical collar off and threw it to the floor.

    "Charging!" The same nurse called out.

    He grabbed the paddles and she squirted some gel onto them. He rubbed them together to warm the gel. All the while another of his nurses had taken over the compressions.

    "Come on lass, ya can't do this to me!"

    He looked at the machine willing it to reach the desired level of energy.

    Once it had reached 200 joules he yelled, "CLEAR!" and pulled their hands away from RiG. Carson applied the paddles to her chest and pushed the buttons on the them sending electricity to RiG's heart.

    Rodney entered the infirmary at that particular moment. He was horrified at the sight of his friend trying to save his daughter's life.

    "OH MY GOD!"

    Her body arched up off the bed with the shock. A solitary blip appeared on the machine's screen and everyone, Rodney included, waited with baited breath for a second blip.

    "Come on... come on..." Carson murmured. "...come on!"

    "Come on!" Rodney echoed softly, urgently. He wanted to go to her but was kept from doing so by Emma who had appeared a few seconds ago.

    "You'll only be in the way." She said.

    There was no second blip. Carson cursed and ordered a nurse to dial it up to 300 and shocked RiG again.

    It was so quiet in the infirmary they could here a pin drop. They'd settle for a blip instead.

    Rodney silently pleaded with every god he knew, and some he didn't, to hear that blip.

    A blip finally sounded in the silence and it was followed by another... and another... and another.

    C Carson's shoulders sagged with relief and he beckoned Rodney over knowing the man needed to see his daughter.

    "Only for a few minutes Rodney."

    The scientist wanted to cry when he got his first good look at his daughter while C Carson got an IV set up. She had a swollen bloody nose, what looked like a broken arm, and blood was beginning to stain the bandages wrapped around her head. He also noted the bruising around her throat.

    He took her hand in his, "RiG it's Ro... it's dad, c-can you hear me?"
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    Default Re: The Taking over the Universe plott

    *Corridor, Lizzie is banging on the forcefield to get out*

    Lorne: It won't work!

    Lizzie: Why would she do this?

    Lorne: Containment. Now we can't go anywhere. *he sits down*

    Lizzie: How can we breathe?

    Lorne: Huh?

    Lizzie: We must be getting air from somewhere.

    Lorne: See that small airduct?

    Lizzie: I like your idea!

    Lorne: To small to get through. We are stuck.

    *Sounds are heard*

    Lizzie: You hear that?

    Lorne: Yea, guards.

    Lizzie: Help! We're here!

    *from around the corner comes 2 marines*

    1st Marine: Major? Lizzie?

    Lorne: Thank god! Captain Cole! Lieutenant Morrow. Find a way for us to get out of here!

    *Morrow and Cole look at each other*

    Morrow: Are you really you?

    Lizzie: Who else would we be?

    Cole: Atlantis is under attack, the Master has turned some of us to mindless slave.

    Lorne: No, you got it all wrong! General Melfan has been taken over by HybridMel!

    Morrow: Then how do you explain that JPJ and RiG had a blowout and nearly beating each other to death?

    Lizzie: Excuse me? What?

    Lorne: They wouldn't do that!

    Morrow: They did.

    Lizzie: Uhm, JPJ hate Rodney for letting her daughter getting in the machine.

    Lorne: That doesn't explain the beating.

    Lizzie: Projecting.

    Morrow: Are you sure about the General's condition?

    Lizzie: Yes. She made this force field, we can't get out.

    Morrow: We need to talk to General San, we will be back.

    *They both leave*

    Lizzie: What? No!

    Lorne: You think General Melfan will do something to undo what we've just said?

    Lizzie: Possibly.

    Lorne: Great...
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    Default Re: The Taking over the Universe plott

    RiG blinked her eyes open and saw a blurry figure above her. Another blink and the blurry figure spoke.

    "RiG?" Rodney called again, his hand tightening around hers.

    "Dad?" She whispered. Her hand squeezing his weakly.

    "I'm here. And so is Carson..." He glanced at the physician who was injecting medication into RiG's IV.

    "Painkiller." C Carson mouthed.

    Rodney nodded in acknowledgment before looking back to his daughter and continued, "...he's gonna fix you right up, good as new."

    "Y-you... called y'self... dad." She managed a weak smile before passing out.

    Rodney was about to respond when her eyes rolled up in her head, her hand now limp in his.

    "RiG?!" He said alarmed. "Carson?"

    C Carson was quick to reassure him it was due to the medication he had just given her and smiled as he watched Rodney bend down and whisper in his daughter's ear before placing a gentle kiss on her forehead.

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    Default Re: The Taking over the Universe plott

    With a final smile at his daughter Rodney turned, grabbed C Carson's shirt sleeve and steered him away from RiG's bed towards a quieter area of the infirmary.

    "What the HELL happened!" He hissed angrily after letting go of C Carson's sleeve.

    "Like I said, her and JPJ got into a fight. A rather nasty one at that!" He shuddered as the images from the security feed replayed in his mind.

    "What on Earth about?" Rodney asked. "And what's with the shudder?"

    "You saw that huh?"

    "Yes, Carson, I did. So what gives? What aren't you telling me?"

    "I think it's better if I show you." With resignation C Carson walked over to the nearest computer and, with Rodney following, typed in a few commands. When the security program opened up Rodney visibly paled.

    "Oh... no..." Rodney whispered. "...please, tell me your not gonna..." The rest of his plea died away the instant he saw RiG on the screen running for her life.

    "I'm sorry." Was all C Carson could say.

    Oh my God! Rodney thought as he watched as JPJ's hand shot out against his daughter's throat in a perfectly executed karate chop and gulped, he put his hand to his throat in sympathy. His eyes widened with fear at the resounding crack of RiG's head impacting the wall. His mouth opened in horror at the smear of blood her head left behind when she doubled over, gasping for breath.

    "That's for Cara!" They heard PJP proclaim as RiG continued to gasp.

    "Son of a..." Rodney angrily spat, sotto voce. SH1T!

    "BLOODY HELL!!!"

    Rodney turned at C Carson's outburst and saw that the physician's hands were clenched at his sides, his knuckles white.

    When he returned his eyes to the computer screen his stomach dropped. RiG stood there, her wide eyes full of tears, desperately trying to draw in precious air while JPJ just watched. It looked like RiG was trying to say something, her mouth opening and closing a few times with no success.

    JPJ crowed her victory.

    "Och! I can't watch anymore of this!" C Carson declared as he moved to stop the video.

    Rodney spared a glance in C Carson's direction for the briefest of moments. When he looked back at the screen he was just in time to catch RiG snapping a hard kick into JPJ's unprotected stomach. She had left herself wide open and RiG reaped the benefits.

    "NO! WAIT... LOOK!"

    C Carson eyed the screen and a small smile formed as he saw JPJ was now the one hunched over. RiG's doing no doubt. The thought entered his mind just as he witnessed RiG's elbow ramming down onto JPJ's back. RiG glared at the downed doctor before running off, a limp in her step.

    "YES!" Rodney pumped his fist. "That's my girl!"
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    Default Re: The Taking over the Universe plott

    C Carson couldn't help but share his friends sentiments. He was proud of RiG, no doubt about it.

    Rodney had started to move back to RiG's bed when C Carson, in his attempt to stop the video, accidentally brought up a different security feed.

    "What's this then?" C Carson frowned as he looked at, what was apparently, an empty corridor on the computer screen.

    "What's what?" Rodney asked walking back over to C Carson's side.

    Side by side the two men stood looking on as RiG appeared on the screen first. She was half running half limping with her left arm around her middle. They watched as she made it to the end of the hall before suddenly stumbling to a halt, for no reason they could see. She was followed minutes later by JPJ who was faring no better. They watched the female doctor creep forward, towards RiG.

    "Is that..." Rodney narrowed his eyes at JPJ's back as she continues creeping towards RiG. Then his eyes widened in shock, "It is! She's got a wraith stunner!" The scientist pointed at the screen while looking at C Carson, "That...witch...was gonna shoot my daughter!"

    "Well, it's a bloody good thing she didn't!" C Carson responded heatedly.

    The returned their eyes to the screen once more.

    "What is she doing? Why is she just standing there?" Rodney asked nervously.

    "And what does JPJ think she's doing?" C Carson added worriedly, angrily.

    It was painfully obvious to both men that JPJ had armed herself at some point between the last video and this one. There were bulges in her pockets that weren't there before and her left sleeve was hiding... something. The stunner was just the tip of the iceberg!

    The video went on to show JPJ stumbling and losing her precious hold on the device that they hadn't seen tucked under he left arm, against her chest, and cursing after accidentally stepping on it. RiG was none the wiser to the goings on behind her.

    "That's a... was a detonator!" Rodney stated in a shocked tone.

    "Well SH1T!, there goes that plan!" They heard JPJ curse before she reached into her pockets and pulled out the 3 blocks of C4 she had squirreled away and tossed them over her shoulder.

    "Oh GOD!" Rodney croaked.

    "That woman is bloody daft!"

    The video went on to show JPJ sliding something out of her left sleeve and looking at it with evil smugness. "Too easy!" She then inched her way to RiG.

    "Is that what ah think it is?" C Carson asked.

    "A stun grenade." Rodney snarled in response. "Who does that woman think she is?"

    "Bloody hell if I know!"

    Back on the video JPJ was now scowling at the stun grenade.

    Rodney realized why. "She can't pull the pin!" He stated smugly.

    "Thank God!" C Carson breathed.

    What she did next made their blood run cold.

    "Oh for crying out loud!" They saw JPJ hurl the canister at a startled RiG, who had spun around at the outburst to face JPJ, nailing her in the side of the head. Blood splattered and Rodney's heart very nearly stopped when she toppled over and disappeared from sight.

    "GOOD LORD!"
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    Default Re: The Taking over the Universe plott

    *Taoth scrolling through the systems check up, while thinking to herself*

    Taoth: So if the general isn't at the south pier, or here, that leaves west *presses several buttons*
    Let's see if I can find you the way you found me *a feed comes up, displaying general melfan
    Standing over a console* That's handy *the light indicating citywide censors are back online glows*
    Oh this can't be good

    *Melfan looks up at the camera*

    Taoth: She knows I'm watching her. It shouldn't take more than a minute or so for the others to locate
    my position *Scrolling through to find out were Vega is situated, she finds a force field put up* no
    doubt melfan’s doing *after a short while she manages to lower the force field for a brief moment,
    hoping it was long enough for anyone in it to get out. Then she opts to get the censors offline* Come
    on *They flick off* That won't hold them off for long
    *Snatching a life signs detector from a desk, she half limps half runs down the corridor. Heading for
    the transporter, she chooses the destination closest to where the force field was.*

    Taoth: *Scans the area near the force field, there was no life signs close by* Let's hope that's a good
    sign *She walks back to the transporter, and taps her radio* General San this is Taoth. As far as I
    can tell, Melfan's got you convinced that I've been taken over by something or someone. Now I
    know that this whole situation is the other way round

    *A brief silence*

    *Gateroom. San looks at Fen, who nods*

    San: We hear you Taoth. What makes you think we'd believe you?

    Taoth: Melfan has been taken over by hybrid Mel, on that you only have my word. But if you don't
    act, then unpleasant things are gonna keep on happening

    San: Is that a threat?

    Taoth: It's a simple fact, and has nothing to do with me

    Fen: What would you propose we should do then?

    Taoth: There is a way we can sort this out. In minutes, you should be able to get citywide censors
    back online. If I were to run, I'd have a significant disadvantage. On top of that, I could do with some
    medical attention. I'm willing to turn myself in on one condition.

    San: Depends on what it is

    Taoth: That you don't treat me as a hostile, and that you also bring General melfan into custody
    immediately. The doctors can run whatever tests they need to clear me and figure out what to do
    with her

    Fen: Seems reasonable

    Taoth: Just don't believe what she has to say, and under no circumstances trust her

    San: We'll comply with your request. Now for your part

    Taoth: Yes

    San: Come outside the gateroom door, there'll be Bray and a team of marines waiting. You nicely
    hand in any weapons you have, and they'll search you just in case. After which they'll escort you to
    the infirmary, and then we'll see it from there

    Taoth: So far sounds good, I'll be there momentarily

    San on radio to Bray: Be outside the gateroom, Taoth is going to turn herself in

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    Default Re: The Taking over the Universe plott

    Both men stood side by side in stunned silence for a few moments, Rodney with his mouth open in horror, C Carson his eyes wide in shock. Another few seconds ticked by before C Carson had enough presence of mind to reach out and stop the video.

    He glanced over his shoulder at RiG with outright pride. She'd defended her father's honor, literally and physically, if the bruises and bandages were anything to go by. Rodney is a very lucky man.

    Rodney had finally regained his composure and he was seething. His hands were balled into fists at his side, his knuckles turning white.

    "I am going to kill her!" Rodney hissed through clenched teeth, his nostrils flaring, his gaze still on the computer screen.

    C Carson tore his gaze away from RiG and looked at Rodney in alarm. He was about to say something when an alarm went off near RiG's bed.

    "Dr. Beckett!" Emma shouted. She reached up to the heart monitor and shut off the alarm.

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    Default Re: The Taking over the Universe plott

    *Melfan hears what Taoth is doing*

    Melfan: You clever little girl, giving yourself up too prove you innocence! Oh, well, this couldn't go on forever, but it was fun while it lasted!

    *She grins as she goes through some of the security monitors, and find one for JPJ and C-Lornes quarters and sees a soldier in their quarters with Cara and grins*

    Melfan: Oh, this is perfect! This is gonna be easier than I thought! All I gotta do know is to take care of the child, if the prophecy is true, she needs to be taken care of!

    *She leaves for C-Lorne's quarters*

    A Bit later

    *C Lorne quarters*

    The soldier playing cards by himself when Cara wakes up upset and starts crying*

    Soldier: hey, its's okey. Go back to sleep

    Cara: It's Mel!

    Solider: What about the General?

    Cara: General Melfan isn't herself.

    Soldier: What are you talking about?

    Cara: She is not herself!

    *Cara starts to whimper as the door opens*

    Melfan: Captian Messer.

    Messer: General, what are you doing here?

    Melfan: Taking Cara to see JPJ.

    Cara: No... She's lying!

    *Captain Messer looks back at Cara*

    Cpt Messer: General, forgive me for asking, but are you, you?

    Melfan: Who else would I be?

    Cara: HybridMel!

    *Cpt Messer reaches for his gun, but Melfan has already hers up and ready*

    Melfan: Would do that Captain.

    Cpt Messer: General, put the gun down, please!

    Melfan: Ghee, let me think! Don't think so!

    Cpt Messer: What is all this about?

    Melfan: I'm here for Cara, sweet little Cara *She smiles while she looks at her, and Captain Messer moves in front of her*

    Captain Messer: You will not take this child!

    Melfan: Did you know there is a Prophecy about her? "The child of the two gene carries will bring change to the Galaxy, and Universe." The Queen told me.

    Captain Messer: Still doesn't give you the right. Why take over The General?

    Melfan: Becasue I could, and it was mighty fun!

    Captain Messer: We'll stop you?

    Melfan: You and what army? I'm here *points to her head* to stay!

    Cara: I can! I can make you leave

    Melfan: Such confidence

    Captain Messer: If she says so, it must be true, we will remove you!

    Melfan: They will have to catch me first!

    *She shoots Cpt Messer in the shoulder and he falls down and Cara starts to cry hysterically as Melfan approaches her*
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    Default Re: The Taking over the Universe plott

    *Outside the gateroom*

    Marine: You sure this isn't a trap?

    Bray: No, but she said she come unarmed.

    Taoth: And I am. Hi Bray *She smiles at him as she limps towards him*

    Bray: You look like hell! *He move towards her and takes her by the arm and leads her to San office*

    Taoth: Been one hell of a day. Running from Melfan has that effect on a person. *They enter the office* Hi General.

    San: Taoth, now why should I believe that you aren't affected by what is going on?

    Taoth: General, remember Hybrid-Mel?

    San: Yes, all to well.

    Taoth: She's found a way to possess General Melfan.

    Bray: How?

    *At that moment comes Shan*

    Shan: You wanted me? Taoth?

    Taoth: She could always sence what the General could feel, but recently she could possess her, for short amount of time.

    Bray: Is that even possible?

    Shan: I am afraid so. Only the queens though. But need to be linked to the object before hand.

    Taoth: She said something about the blood beeing the key to gaining acces!

    Shan: Ah, yes, the enzyme in the blood could work as a cathalyst.

    San: I can't believe this.

    Taoth: Take me to the infirmary then! Take test! But I'm telling you! I am not affected by anyone!

    Shan: But does explain this feeling I've been having.

    San: What feeling?

    Shan: Like there has been a Queen here. But only sometimes, and only when I've been around The General. It makes sence.

    San: Cara!

    Bray: What?

    San: Cara can't stand Wraith! She can't be in the same room as Shan. And she got really upset when was around Mel.

    Bray: But they have been around each other all the time before.

    Shan: Hybrid-Mel, might now have been presence then.

    Taoth: What do you mean?

    San: I see what you are going with this. Mel has been plagued by headaches. What if these headaches was the aftereffect of Hybrid-Mel leaving hear.

    Bray: Stupid question. Why hasn't Mel had any memories of this?

    Shan: Her consiousness is being surpressed by Hybrid-Mel, while Hybrid-Mel is in control it's like Mel is asleep.

    San: Can you remove Hybrid-Mel?

    Shan: I can't, but I know someone who can help me.

    Taoth: You don't mean...

    Shan: Cara.
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