Hey all!

Wanted to start another game here in the Doctor Who and spin-off's section here at GW. Basically if you know the A-Z and Doctor Who or K-9 and Company, or Torchwood, or The Sarah Jane Adventures or all four then you'll do brilliantly here.

For example:

I would post:

C ~ Cooper, Gwen

And then the next poster would follow up with:

D ~ Doctor, The

And then myself or another poster would follow that up with:

E ~ Earthshock
Once Z is reached, the cycle starts with A again. There are no limits here on what you can use for examples from the Whoniverse that is Doctor Who, K-9 and Company, Torchwood, & The Sarah Jane Adventures. Actors, story titles, writers, directors, objects, planets, space stations... the list goes on and on. Everything goes!

If you want to write descriptions next to your example then please do.

For example:

R ~ Rani, The (Renegade Time Lady. She appeared in the 1985 story The Mark of the Rani and the 1987 story Time and the Rani. The Rani was played by actress Kate O'Mara.)
It isn't mandatory to put descriptions next your examples but I think I will do. The main thing here is to have fun but I also think this game can also serve as an educational experience for those of you just starting to learn about this 45-year phenomenon and its spin-off's.

As I say, this series is 45-years old and has spawned a one-off special and two spin-off series so there should be no problems trying to find examples next to whatever letter you have.

However, In case anyone does get stuck, then I recommend some links which might help:






Maybe it would be a good idea to add those links to your Favourites / Bookmarks? It'd maybe save you referring back to this opening post?

The main thing here is to have fun and maybe learn a thing or two about the Whoniverse. I hope you'll all join in. The game begins with the post that follows directly below.

Have fun everyone!

- Alan.