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    Default Ronon's arm tattoo

    I mean the new one that Jason Momoa got which is his family crest, not an in-show tattoo like his neck one.

    Just for reference, he got this tattoo sometime between the filming break of season 3 and season 4 and they decided to write the tattoo into the show. For those of you who don't know.

    They covered it up for "Adrift", "Lifeline" and part of "Reunion" until it was added in the show.


    At first, they covered it up with one of Ronon's long sleeved shirts:

    Then, later in the episode, they covered it up with a conveniently placed bandage:


    And later with a different long sleeved shirt:


    With his long coat:

    This is the addition of the real tattoo into the show:

    I only point this out for those of you know didn't notice his convenient concurrent wearing of long sleeved shirts since Ronon prefers the sleevless shirts.

    Another mistake is that in "This Mortal Coil", the clone of Ronon in the copy of Atlantis had the arm tattoo despite the fact that Weir was captured before Ronon had the tattoo, this is evident in the first few scenes of the episode mainly during Ronon and Sheppard's sparring match. Then later, it was possibly noticed by the production crew and [clone] Ronon wore one of his long sleeve shirts to cover it up, assuming that they couldn't reshoot all of those scenes with the long sleeve shirt, they just left that part alone.

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    Ronon Re: Ronon's arm tattoo

    yea i noticed but i twigged in mortal coil, because the replicator shouldnt have the tattoo so wears a long sleeve shirt.

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    Default Re: Ronon's arm tattoo

    Yeah, I forgot to mention, they messed up in "This Mortal Coil" by the clone of Ronon having the tattoo despite Weir being captured before Ronon got it. They decided to make him [clone] cover it up in the rest of the episode. I assume that they noticed the mistake but they couldn't justify reshooting the scenes with it visible.


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