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    Regardless of what I have said previously, I now believe Juliet to be the woman in the Coffin, seen in the last episode of Season 3, in Jacks Flash - Forward.

    To be honest, she is the only logical person left. The only others I could think of, were Loche and Ben. We know Ben is alive (episode 4, of season 4), and we know that Loche doesn't get off the island.

    Juliet is the only logical person left. When Jack went to the reception, he was asked 'Friend of Family' to which he replied 'Neither'. Juliet wasn't Family to him, and I don't really see them as Friends either. Personally, I think they're somewhat closer than a Friend in some respects.

    It is also interesting to note that Jack cried. I can't see him crying over anyone else either. The person in the Coffin can't be any of the Oceanic survivors, thus the only people it could be, are 'Other' members, people from the Frigate, or Desmond.

    I doubt very much that Jack would shed tears for anyone on the Frigate, and Desmond I believe would be elsewhere (probably with Penny). The only person left is Juliet.

    Also, it is interesting to note, that when Jack met Kate, and asked if she went to the reception, she said something along the lines of "why would I go". We know that her and Juliet aren't exactly the best of friends, thus that would validate her reason for not going.

    So yeah, Juliet I believe is the person in that Coffin. I'm going to guess she got off the Island with Jack, Kate and co, and then either one of the people Sayid & Ben are after killed her, or it was an act of Ben (now we know his position with Juliet).

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    I think its michael personally.

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    one possibility no one menioned is that it could be walter(micheals son). him and kate never had a dialogue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycoon View Post
    We know Ben is alive (episode 4, of season 4)
    All the flash forwards have taken place before Jack's flash forward. So we know Ben was alive. Doesn't mean he still is. I still think Ben makes the most sense out of the people off the island. Ben and Locke are the only two that would push Jack over the edge like that because they were the two in that episode telling him it was a mistake to try and leave the island.

    We won't have to wait to long to find out, though, since we're gonna find out who by the end of the season.

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