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    Default New Details on "For the People"

    This episode will be dealing with something we haven't heard much of so far this season: the Kih'Andari!

    As Sivea and Kalos team up to go on a special mission together, we'll be taking a closer look at just what the relationship currently is between the Vorians and the Kih'Andari. It stands to reason that after the war, things haven't just been forgotten. So just how stable is this new peace treaty?

    And this episode in some ways is also a sequel to "The Syndicate," as it continues the developments between Sivea and Kalos that began in that episode. It's a very strong character episode for both Sivea and Kalos.
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    Default Re: New Details on "For the People"

    But those guys are still around...?

    I wonder what kind of desperate act of the independentists will and with these two joining in a mission once again. I'm sure it'll be something big...

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