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    Default Re: The Beginning of the End (401)

    While I enjoyed this ep and look forward to the rest of the abbreviated season, I felt it was a weaker season opener than last years. The shot of the Others seeing the place go down and the ensuing dispersal of people is one of my favorite scenes. That aside, the Losties splitting up was unexpected, and it was interesting to see who went with who.

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    Default Re: The Beginning of the End (401)

    A slow start, action-wise, but it is Lost after all. However, it was jam-packed full of information, character interactions and twists.

    Logically, we continue on from where Season 3 left off. With so much going down, we needed this episode to allow for debate to occur over the implications of Charlie's message before actually encountering the new guys.

    Poor poor Hurley, his grip on reality is even more tenuous than usual. I love that viewers have accepted that the supernatural element of the show to the point where noone thinks for a second that Hurley might be nuts. However, Hurley has to feel like he is crazy and it's painful to see him this way.

    Interesting turn that Jacob has reached out to Hurley, Jacob's reputation for creating freaky scenes is well and truly intact.

    Another interesting contrast is that Locke is presenting himself as the Man of Reason and role reversed Jack as Man of Faith. Jack wants to believe that this rescue is legit, but Locke used reasonable arguments to put his case forward. However, don't think for a second that Locke isn't intending to follow the Island's orders, when/if he receives them. Locke played Jack well with the unloaded gun, manipulating Hurley and the others. Locke is becoming the new Ben and he now has his own little band of followers. Of course, Sawyer will not put up with any crazy shenanigans and he is emerging as a new potential leader.

    Naomi's death was sensibly extended into this episode, and the mystery about her remains. She knew Desmond would be on the island, recognised him and even had his photo. But she also lied about her purpose. I suspect that she is connected to the Widmores, but is working for Charles and not Penny.

    The future storyline is starting to be revealed, piece-by-piece. Hurley's takes place before Jack's, as noted by both Jack's lack of beard and their talk about beards (hilarious, by the way). More importantly, when Ana-Lucia's friend asked Hurley about her, there was no mention of the Island. Oceanic 6 heavily implies that only 6 people have made it back. It's become clear that either they have a pact amongst themselves or someone else doesn't want them to talk about the Island.

    On the Oceanic 6, Kate's status may give the lie to the title. We know she is living free in the future, despite her incredible guilt, and Jack really struggled to contact her. This suggests she may still be a fugitive. However, it's unlikely that she could be a celebrity rescuee and not be arrested. So, she could be a secret addition to the "6", making them actually 7 or more.

    Also, we now have rescuees on both sides of the Losties divide, yet Hurley's apology to Jack clearly implies that this episode was a turning point for some very bad things. The details and conditions of Rescue remain unclear, and Lost remains awesome.

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    Default Re: The Beginning of the End (401)

    Good episode over all.

    I have to side with Jack in that getting of the island should be the main focus. However it would seem that the logical choice for people would be to remain on the island while the first people were rescued and simply ask them to send another rescue party later should everything turn out ok. This way you either get rescued or escape from being slaughtered by these people should they turn out to be the "bad guys".

    I like the flash forwards, they shake things up nicely and will hopefully not give to much away to those of us who obsessively read into things

    I agree with the previous poster about Kate, I was very surprised to see her side with Jack and getting rescued since I figured she of all people would want to stay on the island (beats live in prison). If however she is pregnant it would make sense for her to want of the island (even if abortion seems like a better choice to me).

    My personal guess on who the Oceanic 6 are: Jack, Hurly, Sawyer, Sayid, Sun & Jin based on nothing but a wild guess

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    Default Re: The Beginning of the End (401)

    Desmond and Sayid went with Jack only cause someone on that boat knows Desmond.. wether its Charles Widmore.. he wants to find out.. they came for him.. so hes gonna go with Jack.. Sayid went cause he wants to know the boat peoples purpose.. he believed Charlie and Desmond.. but he wants to know why they really are there.. I want to know what Ben is gonna do now that hes with Locke... hmmmm we'll see..

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    Default Re: The Beginning of the End (401)

    Nice start to the season no flashbacks just forwards i wonder if they will be any flash backs this season
    Man this show is confusing

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    Default Re: The Beginning of the End (401)

    i am really like the flash forwards...

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