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    Default Re: Here’s a thing most B5 fans should find a little interesting at least.

    Quote Originally Posted by Triple-F View Post
    To be honest I had never even heard of Opera until shortly before the original version went out.
    You're not alone there. Opera is a decent browser, but it's publicity team has all the skill and finesse of Sony management (which is to say: none at all). The reason few people use Opera is because no one has heard of it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Triple-F View Post
    Flash – I do get the impression now that some people do loath it – some with a passion. I’m guessing part of that has to do with pop up adds and the like. Unfortunately – to display animated detail like that created for the site I have to use flash. Using codecs (that some would have to download) would cause a larger number of people to complain and turn away from the site.
    Using Flash to display your models and such is fine, but try not to use it for the main page, or for the interface unless absolutely necessary. Flash has some awesome applications, but there are many misuses of it around, including bloated sites that take forever to load. (Flash marketplaces, all-flash sites (a big nono), and sites that require Flash just to see the text on the front page so you know what the site actually IS are just a few examples.)

    Things like Flash based video players and Flash based animations are great though. As I recall those uses of Flash are so great that Microsoft has now released its first attempt at creating a new format with uses similar to the uses of Flash. The name escapes me right now. Silver or something like that I think.
    Quote Originally Posted by Triple-F View Post
    Last thing. All the above comments to one side for a moment. The actual content for those that viewed it. Is it interesting or useful at all – and no that’s not looking for a pat on the back : ) - from your standpoint as someone who enjoyed the show. I’m asking that as I basically want to have an idea if it is worth spending the time fixing problems as well as formatting and gathering new information.
    I enjoyed the actual content of the site. I've not seen another B5 site like it. Or any site actually. I'd like Star Trek, Stargate, and Farscape ones too.

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    Default Re: Here’s a thing most B5 fans should find a little interesting at least.

    I must've had a flash problem before, because now I could get in to see the ships. The models look great, although I'd suggest you make the spin a bit slower. For old fogeys like me, the spin is too fast to catch some details.

    I would suggest you get rid of the flash from wherever it's not absolutely necessary, such as the red button on the front page that disappears if you wait too long. It should stick around.

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    Default Re: Here’s a thing most B5 fans should find a little interesting at least.


    Got to admit, the reason why it takes a while to load stuff at the start isn’t actually because of flash, at least not totally. Most of it is down to me loading a pile of graphics. Saying that those really bad (fictional) texts that appear on the scrolls are held in a flash file that I load in at the start, it just seemed a convenient way to organise and access them at the time. But they’re getting yanked off as they don’t fit in with the bulk of the site content now. (there’s a lot more from the contributors to be added in)

    The menu system isn’t actually flash just a couple of arrays, status flags and a few if statements. Again, there is no Flash used on the front screen – it was a joke when I said the red button disappeared – sorry. There’s no flash on the episode guide at all (except for holding the text again)

    I will rework the front screen. Although this is the only forum that has mentioned the potential security fears of some users, now that I think about it it is a valid point.

    Since you are all talking, something that doesn’t happen on some forums, you can help me with something. If you want.

    I’ve been working on the site for nearly a year now, mostly gathering content from the contributors, and one of the problems is you get too close to something like this so need fresh eyes to point out obvious flaws that you miss as a consequence. Hence the reason for releasing the Beta in the first place.

    Another thing is though, asking the contributors questions. I’m probably missing obvious ones that people might want answers to. So is there any that you can think of. The people I’m talking to (including those not on the beta) are John Copeland – producer, matte painters, animators, conceptual artists, model builders and those behind the prosthetic make up, maybe some of those involved with wardrobe and set design as well – though that’s not confirmed yet.



    Quote Originally Posted by gopher65 View Post
    I enjoyed the actual content of the site. I've not seen another B5 site like it. Or any site actually. I'd like Star Trek, Stargate, and Farscape ones too.
    Life’s too short unfortunately. Tracking most of them down was easy enough, trying to pin them down long enough to get (useable) quotes was/is a friggin nightmare though, as most are still busy working in the industry.
    Trying to do something the size of Trek would probably result in deaths. ; )
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    Default Re: Here's a thing most B5 fans should find a little interesting at least.

    Just about 11 years since a post in this thread. LOONEY bringing'um BACK!!!!!

    (Yes I just applauded myself.)

    SO if you have never visited THE B5 SCROLLS now is your chance as Triple F just announced that they are back up again. I highly recommend a visit for B5 fans can't get enough of how Babylon 5 was made.

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