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    Default Dr Fraiser lives in Smallville.

    TERYL ROTHERY (Stargate's fallen hero Dr Fraiser.) Was on Smallville tonight selling Lana's coffee shop. It was great to see TERYL ROTHERY...even if it was a small cameo....but seeing two babes from my favorite shows in the same shot was great.
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    Default Re: Dr Frasier lives in Smallville.

    I TOTALLY REMEMBER THAT I had a MAJOR fangirl moment
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    Default Re: Dr Frasier lives in Smallville.

    Yeah. She also showed up as a LuthorCorp executive in one of the Toyman episodes. I think it was the Season 8 one.

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    Default Re: Dr Fraiser lives in Smallville.

    She is currently on Hellcats as one of the Moms of the cheerleaders. So you do not see her all the time. She does have an accent though for her character so sounds different.
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