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    Post Dreamwatch Magazine # 122 - RDA & SGA

    From Titan Magazines:

    (Dreamwatch is is a UK based scifi magazine. For those in the US, you may order online from the URL above. Or, check with your local Borders or Barnes and Noble Bookstores for the magazine.)

    (RDA and MS are on the cover.)

    In dreamwatch this month, on sale now, it's a glorious mix of timeless classics, revivals and exciting newcomers! We talk exclusively to Stargate SG-1 actors Richard Dean Anderson and Michael Shanks about the eighth season of the show and David Hewlett tells us about reprising the role of Dr. Rodney McKay for the new spin-off show Stargate: Atlantis! Writer David S. Goyer is our guide behind-the-scenes of the Batman prequel, Batman Begins, and the writer/director Paul W. S. Anderson explains how he has brought together the Alien and Predator franchises in new film Alien Vs. Predator.

    And there's more! Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar and director Takashi Shimizu discuss adapting the Japanese horror Yu-On into The Grudge. Ronald D. Moore describes the direction in which he's taking the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica. Plus, the producer of the first two Star Wars films, Gary Kurtz, remembers his experiences with George Lucas and the process of bringing the iconic Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back to the big screen!

    Richard Dean Anderson and Michael Shanks join dreamwatch to discuss the way in which season eight is developing and explain how Jack O'Neill and the rest of SGC are dealing with O'Neill's promotion. Plus, the two actors will be contemplating the end of Stargate and reminiscing about the filming of the first episode of Stargate: Atlantis.

    October sees the UK debut of Stargate SG-1 spin-off Stargate: Atlantis on Sky One. Although many of the faces of the new show have not been seen in the Stargate universe before, one at least should be familiar. Actor David Hewlett will be reprising his role of Dr. Rodney McKay, a part he first played in the season five Stargate SG-1 episode "48 Hours". Hewlett explains to us how he has developed and adapted his character for the new show.

    In the dreamwatch news section this month, we hear about the first new Doctor Who episodes, George Lucas announces a TV spin-off of his iconic Star Wars films, and we report on the latest rumours surrounding the casting for the new Superman film. Plus, dreamwatch has an exclusive preview of new sci-fi-comedy-drama series Starhyke!

    The re-imagined Battlestar Galactica is making its world debut on Sky One! In an exclusive interview with dreamwatch magazine, writer/executive producer Ronald D. Moore describes the direction the season will take, following on from the action of the recent mini-series. Plus, actress Katee Sackhoff, the controversial choice for the 're-imagined' Starbuck reflects on the reception she's had from viewers and what's in store for her character this season.

    Two of the movie worlds' most famous extraterrestrial franchises have merged to create Alien Vs. Predator (a prequel to the Alien films and loose sequel to the Predator movies). Writer/director Paul W. S. Anderson explains which elements he took from the two films and why. Plus, actors Sanaa Lathan and Lance Henriksen tell of their involvement in the project.

    The American adaptation of the Japanese horror film Yu-On is marked out from other adaptations of foreign films, as the original director, Takashi Shimizu, also helms the remake. We hear from stars Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jason Behr and director Shimizu about the film, the challenges they faced and rewards they reaped.

    David S. Goyer, the writer of Batman prequel, Batman Begins, takes dreamwatch behind the scenes of the new film. Starring Christian Bale as the caped crusader, and directed by Christopher Nolan, Goyer explains how he has attempted to create an original take on the legend. There are elements of the film that have never been previously addressed, not even in the comic books, and the writer discusses how he and Nolan have strived to ground the film in reality.

    Star Trek: Enterprise's resident Vulcan talks to dreamwatch about the show and how she feels her character has developed. Although actress Jolene Blalock admits to being a little unsure of the experiences T'Pol encountered last season and the way in which she reacted to them, she tells dreamwatch how impressed she is with season four and hints at what we can look forward to!

    STAR WARS dreamwatch is joined by Gary Kurtz, producer of Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back to hear his memories of the creation of the iconic films. Kurtz worked with George Lucas through out the development of the two films, from the initial script to post production and as the original trilogy are released on DVD we hear his opinions on the original film and his views on The Return of The Jedi and the prequel films. Plus, dreamwatch finds out about life beneath C-3PO's shiny suit from actor Anthony Daniels.

    This month, dreamwatch is saluting Bruce Campbell. The actor was brought into our collective consciousness (and nightmares) in the eighties horror film The Evil Dead. The iconic movie star talks to dreamwatch about his new film Bubba Ho-Tep, in which he plays an aging Elvis battling a demon Mummy, his association with independent filmmaking and reveals some of his future projects.

    And there's more...

    Erin Gray recalls her role on Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

    Guest Columnist Richard Manning on the top five myths of sci-fi TV.

    Farscape star Ben Browder faces the dreamwatch Close Encounter!

    PLUS Reviews of all the latest films, TV, DVD and VHS, books, comics and merchandise!




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    Default Re: Dreamwatch Magazine # 122 - RDA & SGA

    Jolene, in the commercials for ST:E does not look pleased at all. She has good reason too, because Vulcans aren't supposed to have emotions, and her character is being overwhemled with them, which isn't sticking to the original Vulcan logic.

    Batman Begins section, is sorta interesting. The movie looks awesome. I can't wait to see it.

    BSG (N), that too looks awesome, and that too, I can't wait to see come January.

    Thanks for the summaries Morjana.
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