As I have now seen the final season 3 episode on DVD .

As we all have seen in this Season the Others wiped out the Dharma Initiative Island staff, and so this now raises some I hope very interesting questions for us all to think about.

Q1: Why would the Dharma Initiative continue to resupply the Island with para-drops of food & other things Re: Season 2 Ep 18 Dave. [Unless it is in Dharma Initiative interest too]

Q2: How could the others use the Submarine as transport as seen in flash backs season 3 unless they are using the Secret Dharma dock on the US west coast as you can’t just dock a Submarine just any where [Unless the Initiative allowed it ]

Q3: How did Mikhail Bakunin get those most detailed files on the survivors of Oceanic’s flight 815 as seen in season 3 Flash-backs it could not be by just Press Reports alone Police & Medical files also a lot of other Information that is very hard to get at They seam to have . [Unless the Dharma Initiative gave him help]

Q4: Where did the Others get the money to support the cover set up of the Mittelos Bio-Science Labs and to do the Deep Background checks on Dr Juliet Burke before recruiting her and sending her to the Island .
[ Is Dharma Initiative Financing them or could it be the Others have deep pockets or a benefactor ?? ]

Q5: Ben seams to be afraid of someone finding the Island he jammed all radio signals using the under sea hatch ( The Looking Glass ) as seen in season 3 and I don’t think its the Dharma Initiative as they could Para-drop people as well as supplies on to the Island any time they wish to after the Others wiped out the Dharma Initiative Island staff over 16 years a go, unless the Initiative lost contact if not then who is Ben afraid of .

Q6: Did the Others take over the Island before Rousseau’s ship crashed on the Island or after it crashed if before then over 16 years have passed because Rousseau’s daughter Alex is sixteen and was born on the Island & so the Dharma Initiative has left the others alone on the Island for a very long time with out interfering or so it seems to me.

Q7: Has the Dharma Initiative decide to continue its experiments on the Island by watching how the Other’s do on the Island & now are watching how the Others interact with the survivors of Oceanic’s flight 815 ??.

Q8: Who sent the ship that Naomi Dorrit piloted the helicopter from before she parachuted on to the Island
For while in the Looking Glass Hatch Penny Widmore told Charlie that she knew nothing about the ship, So was it Penny’s father ?? or did the Dharma Initiative loose contact with the Island after the Swan Hatch Imploded At the end of season 2 and is trying to relocate it .

Q9: If Naomi Dorrit is telling the truth someone has also faked a crash in a deep trough in the ocean near Bali so the world believes all the passengers of 815 have died so no one is looking for survivors of Oceanic’s flight 815 or the Island for all the passengers are listed as dead .

Q10: Why is the man who meet the young Ben after he runaway from the Initiative Compound and then sent him back and Mr Richard Alpert the man who Interviewed Dr Juliet Burke & Gave Locke the idea of having James Ford aka Sawyer kill Locke’s father Identical as at least 10 to 12 years before the purge of the Dharma Initiative and at least 16 years have passed since this purge so how can this be the same man ???.

The above and more we hope will be answered in season 4 I look forward to the new season with great hope specially after the revel at the end of season 3 that Jack & Kate are of the Island and back in the USA .

From : Oz-Gater .