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    Default Re: I hope the Asurans learn to ascend

    Quote Originally Posted by Actionhank View Post
    Question is what makes the difference? God given soul? The old question - what constitutes human beings, culminating into the question: "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" ^^
    Take Replicators for Androids of course.
    I would imagine the rebel Asurans were looking for a way to transfer their own consciounesses into fully human biological copies of actual people. A one-to-one, first-gen copy wouldn't have the defects the Asgard suffered from, so ascension could be possible.

    Perhaps it isn't the presence of a 'soul' at all, but rather the lack of a biological brain that is keeping them from ascending. Biology has elements of chaos to it that technology lacks; perhaps the presence of that chaos is one of the keys.

    Frak, it's the Cylons all over again.
    Can ye tell me why th' pirate jokes are so funny?

    Because they Arrrrrrr.

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    Default Re: I hope the Asurans learn to ascend

    Quote Originally Posted by Starrtom View Post
    May the force be with us all if the replicators were able to ascend. Not a good idea IMO.
    Not all of them, just niam and his crew..

    If ascending was only for good people or those helped up the ladder by ascended beings... how did the Ori get there? Who are more wrong and self absorbed than the Goauld!
    They were already ascended when they became evil. Remember in the quest part 2, Merlin said that the Ori started out with the best of intentions but became corrupt. As to the Gou'ald, only Anubis has become ascended, and he had help from Oma who he tricked to do so.

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    Default Re: I hope the Asurans learn to ascend

    Really, it would be better for replicators to understand that they don't need ascend! Maybe this idea was for them as like "alternate goal" - Niam&K felt intuitive that agression and revenge is not the best meaning of life - but what they could find more? Ainients learned them nothing another... Maybe it was any need to "be equel" to Aincients ... If would anybody explene im at time that there are more high goals over ascend!

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    Default Re: I hope the Asurans learn to ascend

    I was actually under the impression that the body starts generating a unique form of energy which eventually turns said individual into said energy being.

    But it makes me curious that if the Asurans went to Kheb, would Olma had helped them ascend? Once explained to them, the Asurans are not attached to the physical world as they have the right mind set for enlightenment as they seek betterment.

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