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    Default Multi thread: The Tigh, Helo and Apollo ROCK thread.....

    Ok I was looking at the 'characters you'd like to see killed off thread' and three names just kept jumping out at me: Colonel Saul Tigh, Captain Carl 'Helo' Agathon and Major Lee 'Apollo' Adama.

    Why did I just use their full titles you may ask.....well that, to put it quite simply is because they ROCK! I grant you that I was no fan of the whole Apollo + Starbuck love quad. In my opinion they should be just good friends with a bit of sexual tension but what's done is done. But that isn't what this is about. The point is that other than Admiral Bill and starbuck they are the most badass officers in the whole damn fleet.

    So i guess i'll go through my reasoning......bare with me cos i haven't actually slept in 48 hours so i may ramble.

    First Tigh:

    Granted he can be morally ambiguous, especially on new caprica, and he is a drunk.....but let's face it....he gets the job done and even though he's pretty harsh he'll do anything for his people. Let's not forget that he is a damn good XO. Just look at the end to tigh me up tigh me down for that. he's no good with responsability, but that's ok, cos i think we all know that really he would be much more comfortable going out on missions like starbuck or apollo. He's a soldier plain and simple and in the end his only flaw is that he is also human.

    Second Helo:

    Ok it has to be said that love him or hate him, helo stands up for what he believes in and for that fact alone you gotta give him respect. Not many people would have the guts to essentially tell 3 of his supperior officers and the president of the colonies that they are out right wrong. And he managed to survive at least a couple of weeks on caprica all alone. The there's the fact that he also seems to do the job of XO and CAG damn well in season 3. And like tigh it seems like his only flaw is that he fell in love with the wrong girl. He's also a soldier with a moral compass, which is something that i personally like him for based on that alone.

    Finally Apollo:

    Ahhh Major Apollo. He's had a rough deal of late recently hasn't he. I know first hand what it's like to love someone you can't have and the way he reacts about it is perfectly understandable and dead on. He's an honourable man and like helo he knows the difference between right and wrong while at the same time knowing what has to be done for the greater good. He is great at his job as CAG and i reckon he made a pretty damn good battlestar CO too. Best thing of all is that he will stand up for what he believes. Putting the gun to tighs head and standing for baltar during his trial for example.

    I guess I put all these characters in the same boat because to me they represent the same ideals. All three strongly follow what they believe to a fault and love blindly. I identify with that. Of course i don't agree with all the decisions they make but i can see why they make them and i respect them because they stick to their guns.

    Plus in the end, let's face it, in the end the entire fleet runs smoothly because of them. As XO tigh deals with all the little things on galactica and no doubt a whole load of things within the fleet. The CO is the one the crew will follow into battle, but the XO is the one that makes sure that they all are ready for battle in the first place and really it can't be easy. As CAG we've seen that Apollo must deal with all the CAPs plus any problems with the pilots, deals with any un-reps up close as we've seen in 'Home' and deals with training exercises. In the end you gotta imagine that takes alot of planning and effort. And finally Helo can do frakking any of the above plus more besides.

    In the end all i'm all three are awsome........anyone agree?
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    Default Re: Multi thread: The Tigh, Helo and Apollo ROCK thread.....

    I'm not sure how many replies this thread is going to get... People have such different opinions on every character and actor.

    I like Helo a lot, not quite as much as I like Gaeta but still a lot. I admire a man who stands up to his principles even when it lands him in deep kimchee.

    Apollo is okay, as long as he stays away from Starbuck. She brings out all his worst qualities.

    Tigh is cool, he always has been. And he's had to take some tough decisions, such as killing his wife. Not to mention that the season 3 finale made his character even more interesting.

    My favorite character, apart from Gaeta (I'd love to see his character developed further in season 4), is Baltar. He's the one we love to hate, and he's always surprising us.

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    Default Re: Multi thread: The Tigh, Helo and Apollo ROCK thread.....

    yeah i'm not so concerend about the post count. i could have opened a seperate thread for each of them but that seemed like too much hassel plus the similarities in three characters that are in fact very different interests me quite a bit.
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