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    Default Atlantis jackets?

    OK, I'm considering doing fancy dress for the first time in my con-going history and my thinking is along the lines of "Atlantis Scientist"(put me in glasses and I either look more geeky or more intelligent, either way is the right look).

    So, how would you suggest I go about it? How do you get hold of Atlantis style jackets? Do you have to have them done from scratch?(somehow I can't see Mum doing them!) Or am I better off tracking down a while labcoat looking thingy?

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    Default Re: Atlantis jackets?

    There's someone out there that figured out how to make a Dickies jacket look fairly close. I've made a couple from scratch, but haven't been totally happy with them. I'm working on a third one, modifying an existing pattern (McCall's 3784), and it's turning out fantastic so far! Definitely doable to make your own, if you're willing to put a bit of time and money into it (I'm going all out on mine, using the most appropriate fabric I could find for it, and it's looking to be $80-90 or so in all, including fabric, patches, notions, etc., and 10-15 hours of work).
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