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    Post Trust Issues (107)

    Visit the Episode GuideBIONIC WOMAN SEASON ONE

    Jaime and Antonio must thwart an assassination plot against a foreign dignitary visiting the United States. But Jaime grows suspicious of her partner's behavior.

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    Vala Re: Trust Issues (107)

    *wonders why this thread has just shown up since the eps aired on Wednesday...

    Anyway, thanks!
    I suppose I'm one of the few pleased with the events in this eps...well at least ONE of the events. I'm evil like that.

    I was rather please that Antonio was killed (please dear gods let him stay dead) as I did not like the character. He was boring and bland. I when Jamie basically took out the two "CIA spys" sent to investigate/sniff her out. They're supposed to be better than her! Good thing she has that bionic ear.

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    Default Re: Trust Issues (107)

    Well I guess most of us are happy that Antonio is outta the way now. But the ep itself still wasn't all that interesting IMO.
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    Default Re: Trust Issues (107)

    I thought it was a decent episode. Not great, but not really bad either. I was actually a little surprised when
    Antonio died.
    For some reason, I hadn't seen that coming.

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    Default Re: Trust Issues (107)

    I didn't see it coming but it didn't make an impact on me either way. Really middling episode, mildly entertaining and not much more.
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