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    Default Books Abroad auctions complete Harry Potter set on eBay

    A fantastic addition to any wealthy fan's collection. eBay listing.

    The highest bid at the time of posting is £ 6,766, almost a thousand pounds per book!

    Charity's Mission Statement
    Books Abroad supply good quality, second-hand books free of charge to schools, libraries and colleges in overseas countries where poverty makes such reading and educational resources difficult to acquire. These donated books are of enormous value to children in struggling schools throughout the world and would otherwise end up in landfill sites.

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    Default Re: Books Abroad auctions complete Harry Potter set on eBay

    holy crap!!

    well they are hard back.. but i guess since it's for charity the bidders have been rich folk wanting to give to charity rather than people actually wanting the books.
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    Default Re: Books Abroad auctions complete Harry Potter set on eBay

    My god, I can't beleived they sold for so much!!

    (And isn't ebay just an awful site? It's horrible...crap design and everything!)

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