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    Default Re: 'Adrift' (401) General Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by Jae'a View Post
    My LiveJournal post
    Wow, great episode.
    And I will catch up, I swear!
    *Stargate activates*

    *guy walks out of Stargate*

    Welcome to Season 4! You'll find plenty of surprises in-store here.

    Really hope you catch up, we're getting close to the first season of SGU.
    Back from the grave.

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    Default Re: 'Adrift' (401) General Discussion

    Yes, I know. I don't know how I got this far behind! -.-;
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    Default Re: 'Adrift' (401) General Discussion

    Wow just finished this episode. It was quite intense. I found myself on the edge of my seat and palms sweating. However, it just seemed like Murphy's Law gone mad. One thing going wrong after another. Then as I'm sitting there on this wild ride, I see the 'to be continued' thing. Oh no, I think. I'm in for another one of these eps....feeling tense with the anticipation of more conflict and heart pumping action.

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    Default Re: 'Adrift' (401) General Discussion

    You get to a point that it was expected for season openers to leave you that way...

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    Heartbroken Re: 'Adrift' (401) General Discussion

    I didn't know this was a 3 part, so I started watching really late. With an ending like that I couldn't sleep, and had to watch part 3.

    This ep was awesome, but I loved the character of Weir, and found it very strange, that she would be written out of the series like this. It felt much worse than when Carson died, and really, to kill off two of the main characters was a mistake in my book.

    I always had a thing for Wier, and it was SO sad to see her go (yes I know what happened, but to me, she is dead!), and especially this soon after Carsons departure...

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    Default Re: 'Adrift' (401) General Discussion

    When compared to the First Strike, which I saw last week, this episode is slightly disappointing. I liked to see the real jeopardy and damage to both the city and the people. Those things often happen to spaceships, but usually they just flip a few crystals and are okay. But here it was actually shown on screen for a short period and while they worked on the "array". But those things we already saw in season three.

    The story would have been much better without the jokes from Dr Lee to the funny music. I also felt that the black medical staff member, who talked to Ronan about the brain swelling and the skull needing to be cut open, couldn't keep a straight face and maybe didn't believe what he was describing. When there are people dying, there can be no humour at all.

    The other thing, when they showed the physical damage to city, and described its power distribution, I had to think about the plausibility of the Zed-PMs, and how the form of the "power" flowing out through them, when the modules themselves aren't even hot.

    It's good that they brought Col. Ellis and the new medical doctor in the previous year already. Because with the other new faces and Carter on the opening sequence (before she had appeared in action), the city feels invaded and taken over.

    Got to love Dr McKay! I find him unattractive on the outside, but I like almost everything he does, including how believable his panick and fears are. I found it completely natural, when he assumed charge over the city and was pleasantly surprised that it also diminished Sheppard's authority. And then when McKay disobeyed Sheppard's direct order. That was the best part. They don't want to annoy McKay, because he sure can lock out everyone's command codes and take over the city with his own subroutines.

    Aside from flying the jumper later, Sheppard didn't do anything useful. He just yelled at everybody in the control room, demanding they produce more results, and yelled at Dr. Zelenka for not remaining idle in the infirmary. According to evens in "Inferno" when McKay was working on the Hippoforalcus/Aurora, we can assume Sheppard believes that yelling is a good motivator, and aparently what "leaders should" do.

    In the end, I found it was way too convenient that...
    Dr Weir woke up completely healed. She either had had to die, or be relieved of her job because of to brain damage. Now, I would prefer the first case, because I wouldn't wish for anyone to have his skull cut open and brain swelling outside the head. Not even for Sheppard.

    Out of all authoritative leaders I liked Weir the best. But all characters had to leave, and the show must end eventually. And this was a good moment for Weir to leave.

    But the damage to the body could not just disappear. This worked against the sense of the very real threat that we had felt throughout these two episodes. But then what do we see? All the damage can be reversed almost instantly.

    Weir's skull is intact, even he hair has grown back, and she doesn't feel weak at all.

    Also she shouldn't have gotten up from the bed immediately. Because normally people obey doctors at least for a while.

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    Default Re: 'Adrift' (401) General Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by j7n View Post
    In the end, I found it was way too convenient that...
    They reactivated the Asuran nanites/replicator thingies from The Real World. Hence why she look the picture of health.
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    Default Re: 'Adrift' (401) General Discussion

    Between all the action, I loved how they showed a quiet moment with Ronon and Weir.

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    Default Re: 'Adrift' (401) General Discussion

    First time watching!

    I thought this was a good episode overall. I got a little annoyed with the continued, "Oh we've got the solution to the problem! *beat* Here's a new problem," but other than that it was good.

    I also really enjoyed that McKay was having problems with Sheppard's authority. That was an interesting angle and def the better one to take imo. I couldn't see McKay being ok with Sheppard's authority in this situation, even tho Shep has been his leader of their team for the last three years.

    And mrscopterdoc, I agree that the quiet moment between Weir and Ronan was wonderful. I really love how Ronan's character has developed over the course of the last two seasons. He's become a favorite of mine, which really surprised me. Haha.

    It bugged me that McKay ended up turning on the nanites, but at the same time, Elizabeth is alive so I'm counting my blessings for right now. I'm nervous to see what happens next! >.<
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    Default Re: 'Adrift' (401) General Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by Krisz View Post
    It is possible to score 0 on Asteroids . I sat many a time in the student bar (as you do ) in my university days trying to get those pesky things....hmmmm perhaps it was too many beers, or the beer spilling on the screen as it was a table too and I couldn't see what I was doing... lol!! Well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!
    Ha ha sounds familiar.

    McKay's comment about scoring zero at Asteroids has stuck with me all these years. I recently had the privilege to play an original 1980 Asteroids arcade machine, and of course I tried to score zero. It's not easy or likely that anyone would score zero (hence that's the joke). You need to die without damaging any asteroids. Crashing in to an asteroid still scores points for the damage you inflict on it. Getting shot by the flying saucer three times is the only way to die and score zero.

    I can just picture the bewildered look on McKay's face as he scores zero by having the unluckiest Asteroids game ever.

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    Default Re: 'Adrift' (401) General Discussion

    Uuuuuuh, what a fricking BLESSING

    The two last episodes are soooo so good, especially after the end of sg1 and the ark of truth which was not what I expected...
    Atlantis continues to amaze me, and I can't wait to watch what comes after

    The Asteroids sequence was way too fun
    And the broken tower was breathtaking

    And seeing Carter and Dr. Lee was cherry on the top (even if I don't even like cherries and we don't really get what they're doing here at that point)

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