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    Default Re: Favorite Farscape Quotes

    Pilot: I'm sorry John. I'm afraid I can't do that.
    "I have never understood why it should be necessary to become irrational in order to prove that you care... or why it should be necessary to prove it at all."

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    Default Re: Favorite Farscape Quotes

    Crichton: "Granny! What are you doing? You have to stop wandering off like this! Thanks for lookin' after her fellas. She's a little [twirls finger in a circle on his temple and whistles]. You haven't seen my dog, have you? [Sees Rygel]. LITTLE BUBBA??!! You got caught in a trap?!"

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    Default Re: Favorite Farscape Quotes

    D'Argo: This plan is so frelled, it has to be ours
    Quote Originally Posted by aretood2 View Post
    Jelgate is right

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    Default Re: Favorite Farscape Quotes

    My favorite

    "It's beer o'clock. Now where the hell is my riot?"

    To see the complete animated picture timeline of the comet landing -

    From the wonderful XKCD site

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    Default Re: Favorite Farscape Quotes

    I'll give you my bike if you kill him

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    Default Re: Favorite Farscape Quotes

    YAY first post!

    Ok, a few of my personal favorites:

    From the Princess Trilogy

    Aeryn: It wasn't my door he was last seen sniffing under
    Chiana: Some women consider that a compliment!
    Aeryn: Some women have to

    So much of what was great about Farscape was the unspoken and yet so many fantastic quotes

    From Kansas, Aeryn watching Sesame Street

    H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P....P! This girl is slow!

    From dog with two bones (so much angst!)
    Aeryn: Guarantee you won't DIE in my arms again!
    John: Guarantee you won't die in mine!
    Aeryn: I am, by LEAVING!

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    Default Re: Favorite Farscape Quotes

    Hi all.

    My favourite quote is.
    Ahnka: I promise you. You'll never be reunited with you're baby.
    Aeryn: I'm sure you're mother wished the samesame thing.


    Aeryn shoots Ahnka.
    It's a boy in case you were wondering.

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    Default Re: Favorite Farscape Quotes

    Just recently watched Peacekeeper memorable line for me

    Rygel: If it is the largest black hole, then it is a death worthy of a dominar!

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