From SFX Magazine:

Monday August 13, 2007

EXCLUSIVE: Babylon 5 webchat

Babylon 5 is back. In September, all-new episodes The Lost Tales debut on DVD, and we’re giving you the chance to speak to one of the stars about it. On Wednesday, Peter Woodward (Galen in the new episodes and B5 spin-off series Crusade) will be logging on to the SFX forum to answer your questions. Maybe you want to know what it was like hooking up with Bruce Boxleitner and Tracy Scoggins one more time? Or what it was like working on the virtual sets used in The Lost Tales? Or maybe you just want to know what it’s like being a Technomage on TV...

Peter will be joining us from 7pm on Wednesday, so if you want to take part in our exclusive Q+A, join us on the SFX forum - details of how to participate will appear on Wednesday. We’ll see you there!

Babylon 5: The Lost Tales is out 3 September