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Thread: Stargate SG-1: Farewell

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    Arrow1 Stargate SG-1: Farewell

    Celebrate the series finale of Stargate SG-1 with a special tribute, including behind-the-scenes photos from the last night of shooting.


    To commemorate the Stargate SG-1 series finale in the U.S., we are have put together a very special send-off special feature for GateWorld. Stargate Productions has given us permission to post a gallery of amazing, behind-the-scenes photos from SG-1 final night of shooting. After the cameras stopped rolling and the director called "That's a wrap!" for the last time, there were lots of hugs, tears, and goodbyes.

    Along with this gallery is included memories from the show's historic, 10-year run, including quotes from fans and from cast and crew on what a ride it has been. Now, it's your turn to share! Post your fond memories of Stargate SG-1 from your years watching the show. Think about things like:
    - the first time you discovered SG-1
    - when it became a must-watch
    - what you love about the show
    - which characters made it your favorite show and why
    - one or two moments from a specific episode that are particularly memorable or poignant to you

    Thank you! We hope that GateWorld's SG-1 farewell and this thread will turn out to be a very special tribute to the show we all love, and a way to celebrate Stargate SG-1 as a community.
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    Default Re: GateWorld Wants Your SG-1 Memories!

    Hi, Darren!

    What a terrific project. Thank you and thanks to Stargate Productions!

    Some of my fond memories include:

    * Watching Stargate SG-1 for the first time. We didn't have cable at the time, so I went to a friend's home to watch it "live." Loved it. Conned my friend into taping the episodes for the next two years until the city I lived in at the time finally got their political shenanigans out of the way, and granted a cable license. (Still have those tapes.)

    * First favorite memory from an episode: from the pilot, "Children of the Gods." In part one, when Daniel is leaving Abydos to go back to Earth, and all the Abydonians in the pyramid gateroom gather around him, crying in sorrow, touching him, to say goodbye. Jack is excluded, watching from a distance, with a rather wistful look on his face.

    Juxtapose to the end of part two, when all the rescued civiliains gather around Jack, Daniel, Sam and Teal'c in the SG1 gateroom, crying in happiness, touching (and kissing) them, to thank them for their rescue.

    Lovely. Magical. Memorable!

    * Stargate SG-1 became a must watch after the episode "Cold Lazarus." What a wonderful, poignant, terrific episode. "The Broca Divide," "The Nox," "Thor's Hammer," "The Torment of Tantalus," "Solitudes," "There But for the Grace of God," and "Within the Serpent's Grasp" were equally stellar. And the remaining of the season one episodes were fun to watch and very entertaining.

    * What I love about the show...well, do you have several hours? The acting by the series regulars was always top notch. Watching Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge and Michael Shanks hone their craft over the years. Falling in love with Richard Dean Anderson all over again in another multi-layered character performance - from MacGyver to Jack O'Neill. The plots, always engaging and very often spectacular. Joel Goldsmith's beautiful music, the awesome special effects. I love the mix of humor and drama, and the fact the series is set in "real time." The mythology of Stargate so complex, devious at times, and fun! The extensive, involved story arcs. The costumes, make up, and sets. The amazing directors - especially Martin Wood, Peter DeLuise, Andy Mikita, Will Waring, Bill Gereghty, and Peter Woeste, who put their distinictive style to their episodes. That SG-1 was ALWAYS on the same NIGHT for ten years - different times perhaps, but the same night. (When you're an old fart, it's the small things you REALLY appreciate.)

    Especially for the sense of "family" that the show promoted.

    * The Stargate fandom, especially here at GateWorld, has been a joy to be a part of. There are so many thoughtful, kind, loving, funny, TALENTED, funny, caring, and devoted Gaters!

    * Love the fact that the cast, staff and crew VOLUNTEER their time on Saturdays to record the commentaries for the DVDs. Thank you all so much for your time!

    * My absolute favorite Stargate episode -- "Solitudes."


    * Loved the live chats we had back in earlier seasons. Thanks again to everyone for participating. My favorite memory from the chats -- the "sniff" comments from Rick and Amanda!

    Thank you Brad Wright, Jonathan Glassner and Robert C. Cooper for ten years of drama, humor, mystery, suspense, intrigue, mythology -- for wonderful, engaging, thrilling, lovely, and entertaining 215 episodes.

    And thank you US Air Force for your support.

    Best wishes to all -- and come Friday night -- Good Night, Gracie!

    With love and respect, Morjana Coffman
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    Default Re: GateWorld Wants Your SG-1 Memories!

    - the first time you discovered SG-1: The first time I discovered SG-1 was when it was on the SciFi Channel for the first time. I had seen the movie Stargate and I knew there was a series, but couldn't watch it. When it moved to the SciFi channel, I instantly started to watch it. I couldn't believe the special effects and the characters just made me want to watch more.
    - when it became a must-watch: I honestly thought from when I saw the very first episode, it was a must watch series for me.
    - what you love about the show: Everything. Knowing that the team met other cultures and people was what I really loved about the show. Especially when they were trying to find the lost city of Atlantis towards the end of season seven.
    - which characters made it your favorite show and why: 1. Jack O'Neill- his humor was above anything else. I was sad to see him go. 2. Sam Carter- Having that person portray a female in the millitary and spouting out all that technobabble is number one in my book.
    - one or two moments from a specific episode that are particularly memorable or poignant to you: When the SG-1 team first stepped into the gate. They didnt know what was waiting for them on the other side, but they knew it was going to be an adventure.

    As a SciFi fan, my experience with watching Stargate SG-1 was really wonderful. Even though I could not watch some of the episodes when I was busy, I could always catch up on them with DVD and such. SG-1 will always live in my heart forever. I am also looking forward to seeing the new movies as soon as they come out.

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    Default Re: GateWorld Wants Your SG-1 Memories!

    My special memories, pure entertainment, sense of wonder i felt when the team went through the gate for the first time and so wonderfully shown on Sam's face as she was about to go through.
    Watching four people come together as friends and waching them grow as the years go by.
    Jack's humor in the face of dire odds and Sam's technobabble and Amanda making it look believable to the viewer to the point that the viewer was learning something!
    Daniel and his excitment when he finds out the answer, all those words just keep tumberling out so fast!
    Teal'c a man of few words but one look say's so much.

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    Default Re: GateWorld Wants Your SG-1 Memories!

    Michael Shanks from SciFi Wire:

    "One of the first things that Christopher and Amanda and I had done when we first showed up for the first season of the show was we walked up to where they were still building the SGC set," Shanks said in an interview. "We walked up to where the briefing room was going to be, and we looked down at this huge set and this huge prop Stargate, and we all just sat there stunned. It was like, 'Wow, this is real. They're building this for us. This is the beginning of something amazing.'"

    Shanks, Judge and Tapping returned to that same spot after shooting the last scene of the finale, which also happened to be the very last SG-1 scene to go before the camera. "So we made a point, at the very end, after we'd wrapped, of running back upstairs to that briefing room and taking a final look," Shanks said. "It was bittersweet, but at the same time it was a nice way to bookend the emotional journey we'd been on for a decade."

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    Default Re: GateWorld Wants Your SG-1 Memories!

    - the first time you discovered SG-1: Well, when I really thought about the show, I was watching the scene in "Holiday" where Sam's getting everyone back into their respective bodies. I just said "That's a clever thing," meaning how it was like a puzzle.

    - when it became a must-watch: "Ascension" was on (no, it didn't take me three years to actually get into the show, this was when they were playing seasons 2 and 5 on Wednesdays and Thursdays on SciFi, during the hiatus before the second half of season 8), and I realised I was really getting into it all, thinking about the characters and such. It suddenly occurred to me that I'd become a fan.

    - what you love about the show: Daniel! Also the rest of the team. They are all awesome, even Jonas, Cameron, and Vala. As well, I love the incorporation of mythology and science. The stories are always interesting, even if every episode isn't the best. All the races and languages from the show are very cool (well, maybe not all are cool at all, but they're at least intriguing), and I'll leave it at that. It would take up too much space to list everything I love about SG-1!

    - which characters made it your favorite show and why: Daniel, because he touched my heart like I assumed no character in a television show ever could. He has this incredible depth to his spirit, so much compassion and determination. I love that he never lets anyone tell him he's wrong when he knows he isn't. I love how fascinated he is with history. I love that he's more like me than anyone else I know. I love him!

    - one or two moments from a specific episode that are particularly memorable or poignant to you: The scene in "Prisoners" when Daniel is talking about the prison on Botany Bay. I will make references to things in history which pertain to my current, or more recent situations, and I thought it was cool that he did the same thing. I didn't even know he was an archaeologist then, and when my sister told me, I was sold!

    A more poignant scene to me is near the end of "Cold Lazarus", when the crystal alien took the form of Charlie to show Jack that so long as he keeps the memory of Charlie in his heart, he'll never really be gone. It's so beautiful and uplifting, but at the same time it makes me cry every time I watch it.

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    Lightbulb Re: GateWorld Wants Your SG-1 Memories!

    Wow, talk about getting the brain back in gear! =)

    I remember the first time I saw SG-1 was when it premiered; I was only ten or so at the time, and dad called me downstairs because there was a new show coming on with "MacGyver" in it! We had seen the Stargate movie, and he made the connection, thought I would like it, and he was right! I was immediately hooked!

    What I love about the show -- Daniel, Jack, Daniel and Jack, Jack and Daniel...*grin* Daniel has always been my favourite character; the scene where he's leaving Abydos with Jack and the others in CotG has always stuck out in my mind as one of those defining Daniel moments. haha, I just fell in love with the guy. As time went on, my favourite things about the show zeroed in on the relationships between SG-1 and the supporting cast, especially (like many others!) the friendship between Jack and Daniel. There's just no other duo out there like those two!

    I could go on and on about episodes and moments that really touch my heart and are definite standouts--'Abyss' is always the first one that comes to mind. I was computer-less (gasp!) until 2004, so I had to find out about Daniel's return the old-fashioned way! I will always remember the excitement I felt, having thought my boy was gone for good, and the excitement that came from having the episode almost exclusively a Jack and Daniel fest--I was convinced TPTB had to have made it just for me! =P
    And then, of course, let's not even mention 'Fallen'!

    My interest in the show was ramped up, if possible, when I discovered the online fandom. There are so many amazing people out there who share my love of the show and dedicate so much of their time to just being there--writing, chatting, and creating tons upon tons of wonderful fanart. This fandom has given me hours of delight just perusing what everyone has to offer.

    You know, it's hard to pin down just a few memories of a show I've quite literally grown up with. I could go so far as to say SG-1 was what inspired me to study history in university--the movie, for sure, was the start of a lifelong (so far, anyway!) love affair with Egyptology. SG-1 isn't just another show, and it's hard to explain to anyone who doesn't watch it why the news was so devastating that it wasn't going to be renewed for season 11. SG-1 has it all--it's got the emotion, the humour, the action, the drama, the fact, fiction, mythology and the fun a show needs to make it; it's soldiered on through its highs and its rare lows, and the show as well as the magnificent cast and crew will always be in my heart.

    There will never be a favourite show like SG-1. I am unbelievably glad there will at least be two movies to continue the adventure.

    Thank you to the cast and crew, and the fandom of course, for years of fun and borderline unhealthy obsession! =P

    Cape Breton

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    Default Re: GateWorld Wants Your SG-1 Memories!

    I think I was hooked on SG1 before it even aired. I remember the commercials advertising the show; I liked the movie and RDA so I was eagerly awaiting the beginning of the show. And I must say I was not disappointed. What I enjoyed about the show was the team feeling. It wasn’t a one person show but a four person show, with each character adding to the team, individually strong characters; but together an unstoppable group.

    What set this show apart from others was that it took place in our time, they were stuck with what we had at the time and when they got in trouble off world they only had their wits and each other to rely on to get them out of trouble. There was drama every time they went through the gate and didn’t know what lay ahead of them. They didn’t have space ships with magic beam outs, the danger they were in felt real and there was excitement wondering if they would be able to get themselves out unscathed.

    SG1 was more than a team they were also a family. In the episodes Jolinar’s Memories and The Devil You Know, when Sam’s father was captured, the SGC was behind her in getting Jacob back. Hammond reassured her they would get her father back and Jack agreed with him; this showed just how much everyone cared about each other and how they relied upon each other. This episode drove home that they were willing to go to hell and back for each other.

    From watching SG1, the character of Sam Carter became my favourite; she was one of the first scifi female characters to be portrayed as a strong, beautiful and intelligent woman. She could handle herself among the boys club of the military, and earned the respect of others. She became more than just the geeky scientist who would just explain things, she had depth and although she tried to hide her feelings as the military had taught her we did see glimpses of them.

    I think one of the most poignant episodes for Sam was Singularity. This young alien girl Cassie attached herself to Sam right from the beginning, causing Sam a bit of discomfort in not knowing what to do and being out of her element. The more she was around Cassie the more she became attached to the little girl. I think one of the most telling scenes was between Sam and Daniel, Sam was at the foot of Cassie’s bed visibly upset at what the Goa’uld had done to this little girl, telling Daniel “I know I am supposed to be detached...” Daniel asking her who said that, and Sam saying sometimes she forgets he’s not military. But the most heart wrenching scene was in the elevator, Sam had just left Cassie alone in the bunker and was heading back to the surface, Sam’s anguish at having to leave Cassie behind was quite powerful, played excellently by Amanda Tapping. Sam went back down to be with Cassie, defying orders because it was the right thing to do. She may have suspected that Cassie was going to be okay, but she couldn’t know for sure, her willingness to sacrifice her own life to give comfort to the child is what heros are made of, and sinched Sam’s place as my favourite character.

    It was the drama of the show that kept me coming back and made this a must see show. It was Jack, Sam, Daniel and Teal’c that made SG1 the team that kept viewers coming back and propelled the show to a record setting ten years. Although there have been changes along the way, we owe our thanks to Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Michael Shanks and Christopher Judge for bringing these wonderful characters into our living rooms week after week and year after year. And let’s not forget the crew behind the scenes, the writers and producers who also worked hard bringing us this wonderful show.


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    Default Re: GateWorld Wants Your SG-1 Memories!

    I'm a late comer to the show, my first episode of Stargate was Threads. My immediate thought upon seeing it was "Wow, I should have listened to my friend Jules and started watching this years ago." It immediately became a "must see" for me, or more accurately a "must catch-up".

    The characters just grabbed me from that first episode, and though I was a little confused by Daniel in Oma's diner, I did figure out that he was some place...else. And I found myself wanted to know them all better.

    I started watching Stargate Mondays, and the 6PM episodes and soon I went out and bough seasons 1-7 on DVD, and season 8 as soon as it came out.

    I loved that SG1 was truly a team. I loved the sense of family they all had. You knew that they would die for one another, and not just because they had a military mindset but because they genuinely cared about one another. That caring and concern for one another was the thread that held the entire series together.

    I loved that each on their own they were somewhat misfits. A burnt-out soldier who takes an assignment because he hopes it will kill him, and who is given the assignment by his superiors because they see him as expendable. A geeky archaeologist who isn't accepted by his peers because of his academic theories. A brilliant scientist who is also a female in the military, a male dominated world. And an alien who turns his back on hundreds of generations of belief in a false god. But together, together they were so much more than the sum of their parts. They were the team that freed a galaxy from domination, and saved their own world countless times. (Teal'c isn't here for me to ask. )

    Out of all those misfits, Sam Carter is the one who stands out in my mind as my favorite character. She's both brilliant and strong, a truly wonderful role model. She's the brains behind some of their more striking successes, but at the same time is completely comfortable in the role of soldier. She's grown from being a young captain with something to prove to all the men in the 'boy's club' to a confidant, wise leader. As much as I liked the others, and the team itself, it's Sam Carter's character that had me rushing off to buy seven years of SG1 on DVD. (And also why I've since bought season 8, season 9, and have season 10 on pre-order.)

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    Default Re: GateWorld Wants Your SG-1 Memories!

    The first time i discovered SG-1 - I remember watching the show with my dad when i was 10 years old and it first aired on channel 4 in the uk. We didnt have sky at the time. it was not until i was 13 that i really understood it. I began to re-watch the first three seasons. Then we got sky and it was airing on sky one, and by that time i was really hooked!

    The show became a must watch from day one. it was a really cool show with ancient eygptian gods, who turned out to be a bunch of alien 'snakes' in people's heads with humans from earth exploring the galaxy by the means of the device called the stargate.

    What i love about the show for one, is the fact it is set in present day and we can relate to it now. It uses mythology and events that are real and it is not 'far fetched!' i also love the team interaction (and the team in general) and how they will do anything for each other. The show is not just sci-fi, it is comedy, action and drama too. I can not think of any other show i have loved more than stargate SG-1.

    I like all of the characters but i must say that my favourite character had to be Col. Jack O.neill (with two L's lol). It was the way he lead the team and would sacrifice himself to save the other team members when they were in trouble. i also love the jokes he made and how he made even the worst situation funny. The jack/sam shipper moments were great too.

    There are so many memorable moments. It's so hard to choose. One must be in the episode 'Upgrades', where O'neill refuses to leave carter. it just shows how much he cares about her. Another memorable moment is in the episode 'moebius' part 2 at the end, where the Team go to jacks cabin and sit by the pond. A fish jumps out and sam and jack just look at each other because jack had said there were no fish in the pond. It just shows how close the Team members are to each other. A memorable space scene (and the most shocking) is in the episode 'camelot'. The defeat of the allied forces just left me on the edge of tmy seat and at the end of that episode i just sat there quietly and looked at my dad. i couldn't believe it!
    I really can't choose a favourite episode because every episode is truly great in it's own way.

    Stargate SG-1 is a legacy in it's own right. It deserves the title of the best sci-fi show of all time (and on this planet!)

    Thankyou to the cast, writers and producers of the show for 10 great years. I dont know what i will do without it!

    Team SG-1 aka Lindsay
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    Default Re: GateWorld Wants Your SG-1 Memories!

    - the first time you discovered SG-1

    The first time I watched SG1, I was forced into watching Divide and Conquer by a friend...Admittedly I didn't think much of it, probably because it was an episode involving a lot of backstory. Next, my friend made me watch Window of Opportunity, and I absolutely loved it! I soon resolved to watch more of the show.

    - when it became a must-watch

    It became a must watch show after I pleaded with my friend (same one who introduced me to SG1) to let me watch 'Lost City' at her house...A few months later I'd coerced my parents into getting digital TV and I tuned in to New Order...the rest is history

    - what you love about the show

    The interaction between the various characters, the mythology, the feeling that people from here and now could go out there, make first contact and make a difference. That and Jack O'Neill is one of the funniest characters ever!

    - which characters made it your favorite show and why

    Jack O'Neill - to this day he's an enigma. We know so little about his past, and through him there have been so many funny moments interspersed with pathos which helped add a whole new level to the show.

    To be honest, all the characters made the show for me...I loved the original SG1 dynamic, especially Teal'c view's of the Tauri - "What is an Oprah?"

    - one or two moments from a specific episode that are particularly memorable or poignant to you

    The whole of the Lost City to me is very was only the fourth of fifth episode I'd ever seen, and I was just blown away by the detail of the story, the visual effects, the character moments...The whole episode is special to me.

    The most poignant moments for me, involve Jack, especially in relation to his son. Cold Lazarus introduced the audience (or those who had not seen the movie) to Jack's past, where he was revealed to once be a very different man, one who'd hurt a great deal. Show and Tell showed us how much he cares for children, and how much he misses being a father. Window of Opportunity furthers this theme, and injects pang of reality into an otherwise humourous episode. And his look back at Sam, Janet and Cassie really brings it home how much he's missed out on since his son's death.

    Part 2 coming very soon!! (this is a fic btw, not the Fandemonium novel)

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    Default Re: GateWorld Wants Your SG-1 Memories!

    How I got started: My mom just sat down with me one night and said, "Hey, we're gonna watch a cool movie, it's called: Stargate. You're gonna love it." And so it was, I fell in love with the show right after.

    When it became a much watch: I think... that "Fire and Water" was the first episode that really dragged me in, followed by "Torment of Tantalus."

    Why I watch it: I have been and will always be fascinated by mythology and the ancient world, and the way the show ties in Sci-Fi elements with mythology was the hook, and the character's personalities and relationships with eachother was the icing on the cake, so to speak.

    One or two moments from a specific episode that are particularly memorable or poignant to me: "Lost City pt. 2," when the F-302's come in with Promethus and save SG-1 and Bra'tac. That's definitely the most memorable.

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    Jack Re: GateWorld Wants Your SG-1 Memories!

    the first time you discovered SG-1
    As a MacGyver fan, I watched from the very first showing of COTG. I had never fancied the original film and so the story was totally new to me.

    - when it became a must-watch
    From the very beginning. The concept was so new and the cast were all so well matched and clearly worked well together, and the chemistry developed very quickly. I watched the original film after a few episodes to get the back-story.

    - what you love about the show
    The team spirit and the whole concept of modern day explorers travelling to other planets without the aid (until later years) of space ships. And when they did eventually get the ships, they were believable designs, and not totally alien.

    I also like the interaction with the alien species. Dealing with the god-like goa'uld and the fatherly asgard with equal aplomb.

    - which characters made it your favorite show and why
    The original SG-1 team, (with a special liking for Jack). Each one of them has their own place in the team and they all carry out their specialties complementing the others' work at the same time. Jack shepherds them and looks after them, throwing in his own brand of thoughts that often takes them off in another direction that solves the problem.

    The writers have their voices and characters and make the best of them.

    - one or two moments from a specific episode that are particularly memorable or poignant to you.

    MERIDIAN. Jack, Sam and Teal'c's farewell speeches. Amanda and Chris particularly put more than acting into those. Amanda's tears were real, not just in character. Very moving.
    LOST CITY. In the same vein. Jack's gradual descent into Ancient, when he was concentrating on fixing the rings for the job of cutting through the ice, and Teal'c comes to talk to him. The simple gesture of placing his hand on Teal'c's face and the complete understanding that passed between the two warriors in that split second. Wonderful acting on both their parts.
    ABYSS. When Jack is talking to Daniel in the cell, and Daniel yells at him "this is not your life we are talking about, Jack, THIS IS YOUR SOUL!"
    BROCA DIVIDE. My all time favourite. The moment when Jack takes Janet's face in his hand and pleads with her "Use me!"

    I introduced my family to Stargate. In turn, my kids introduced me to the fandom. I am now retired, familiar with the internet (which would never have happened without it), and have many world-wide friends through the message boards and have had the pleasure of meeting them at conventions. I have travelled to Canada several times, and had the priviledge of exploring the Stargate sets and sitting in the captain's chair of Prometheus. I have also met most of the cast and crew over the years of convention going, and am now helping to organise conventions myself. I think I can say that Stargate has had a significant part in the latter years of my life, and I am eternally grateful for the opportunity for travel and friendship it has afforded me.

    Kay Jacobs (aka Mumsey)
    For details of AT10 go to

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    Default Re: GateWorld Wants Your SG-1 Memories!

    the first time you discovered SG-1- I was a late comer to the show. I was in a horrible car accident and had broken my thigh bone, my nose, and most of my face was burnt from the air bag. I was stuck at home in a cast and in pain for weeks. My friend had told me she watched SG-1 on occasion. So I decided to give the Monday line up a go. And man, I'm glad I did! SG-1 helped me forget what I was going through for a little while each day.

    when it became a must-watch - it became a must watch for me right after that. I ordered all the boxsets for the previous seasons so I could catch up.

    what you love about the show Everything. Jack, Sam, Daniel, Teal'c, General Hammond, Janet. I love them all.

    which characters made it your favorite show and why - I really connected with the Sam Carter character. She's strong, smart and a great role model for girls and young women. Women can be smart and beautiful! But of course, I also love Jack O'Neill and his humor and how he looks out for his team.

    one or two moments from a specific episode that are particularly memorable or poignant to you -

    In Ascension when Orlin says to Sam, "That you’re a good person, that your heart is pure, that on the inside your spirit is as beautiful as you are on the outside." It's just such an incredible moment.

    In the Line of Duty - such a pivotal episode for Sam when she is blended with Jolinar - a Tok'ra. A very emotional episode.

    And of course, no one can forget the episodes Meridian where Daniel ascends and Heroes Part 2, where Janet dies. Both episodes had me in tears.

    Thanks for 10 great years! It's been a fun ride!


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    Jack Re: GateWorld Wants Your SG-1 Memories!

    the first time you discovered SG-1 and when it became a must-watch

    The first time I discovered SG-1 was over a telephone conversation with my best friend. She happened to laugh over something. When I asked her what it was, she pointed me towards a six o'clock 'Gate episode, and especially Richard Dean Anderson as Jack O'Neill. I was skeptical at first, not sure what this was all about. After a crash course from her, and a week's worth of watching, I tuned in regularly. It was the second half of season 7 when I started watching new episodes and within that time frame, I picked up all available DVDs and caught up on every story and character.

    what you love about the show

    I loved the fact that these people came to work and traveled to other planets and met other cultures. They were reliving history - they were able to meet humans of cultures that were long gone or not available on Earth. And then they were able to come home and live their normal lives. It made the characters believable. Here are these individuals, saving the galaxy one minute and buying groceries the next.

    which characters made it your favorite show and why

    Two Words - Jack O'Neill. Here is this guy, so devistated from the loss of his son that he's willing to go through the Stargate with the possibility of never coming home. His tactical skills are unmatched and he's willing to sacrifice himself to make certain that his team gets home or an innocent will not suffer at the hands of a Goa'uld.

    Jack has always been there for his team, his friends. On paper, an archeologist would never be as good a friend to a hardened airman; a scientist wouldn't work as the second in command of a team; an alien become such a trusted ally. Jack saw the good parts of each member of his team. He keeps his emotions well hidden and yet is still able to mesh with the other members. There isn't anything he wouldn't do for them. And there isn't anything they wouldn't do for him.

    one or two moments from a specific episode that are particularly memorable or poignant to you

    One moment that stands out is from Cold Lazarus. Jack is able to say goodbye to Charlie and make peace with himself and his wife. Jack and Sara will always be connected through their son. It was such a powerful episode and I cry each time he takes "Charlie" through the 'Gate. We got to see a side of Jack that is kept hidden - what Jack O'Neill would have been like.

    Another moment comes Meridian. Daniel wanted to ascend. He knew that it was a way for him to continue to help. And the only person he knew - he trusted to do what he wanted was Jack. Jack wasn't going to try and talk him out of ascending, wasn't going to convince him that staying on Earth was the right thing to do. He let him go. Also, the goodbye scene, to me, wasn't just Jack saying goodbye to Daniel, but Richard saying goodbye to Michael.

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    Default Re: GateWorld Wants Your SG-1 Memories!

    I didn't come into the series Stargate Sg-1 as a fan of the movie. I watched the first episode (pilot) because it either preceded or followed my one-time favorite show of the time on Showtime. But by the time 'Children of the Gods' was finished, I knew I'd be watching this show again. I was a fan.

    I immediately took to the characters, but especially Jack O'Neill (for swooning reasons) and Sam Carter. I was also attracted to them being attracted to each other. By the third episode, 'Emancipation', Sam had become my favorite character. By the fourth episode, 'The Broca Divide', I'd officially become a Sam/Jack shipper.

    But besides my favorite characters and storylines (see above), I loved the total feel of the show. It was a wonderful fantasy going along with these characters to other worlds and galaxies, and having them written so realistic and normal only helped to include *me* in their adventures and lives.

    Even though my love affair with Stargate Sg-1 encompasses the original team, I've grown to have a soft spot for Mitchell, Vala, and Landry too. They've become part of the family of Stargate Sg-1.

    I have a favorite episode for each character. With Sam, it's 'Entity'. Jack, 'Paradise Lost'. Daniel, 'Meridian'. Teal'c, 'Avatar'. I also like 'Avalon pt 1' for Mitchell's introduction, Vala, 'Crusade', and with Landry, 'Beachhead'.

    I'm sad to see Stargate Sg-1 ending, but I'm VERY glad I still have the adventures of Sam Carter to look forward to on Stargate Atlantis.

    Stargate Sg-1 will live long and prosper in my heart.

    With affection,

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    Default Re: GateWorld Wants Your SG-1 Memories!

    Wow, this is really cool!

    I actually discovered SG1 quite by accident. I was channel surfing one Friday night and happened to see RDA on the TV. I have always been a fan of his so it made me stop and watch the show. The first show I saw was Emancipation - which I actually didn't like too well at first. While I like the concept, I just thought the story would have had more of an emotional impact towards the end of the season or in season 2 when we had more of a chance to get to know Sam better. So I was somewhat biased as I first watched the show.
    Edit: I have since rewatch Emancipation and really like it!

    Anyway, I was really struck by the on-screen chemistry between Sam, Jack Teal'c and Daniel. They made me want to watch each week. It's hard to say who is really a true favorite. All the actors who have been in and are now in SG1 are really phenominal and are some of the most talented people I have ever seen on TV or the movies. I love to watch Cameron, Vala, Landry as casting changes have taken place. And I really missed some of my favorites like Janet and Martouf. They have all helped, along with the writers, directors, people behind the scenes, and so many other creative people to bring a wonderfully entertaining show to life each week.

    Of all the characters though, Samantha was probably the biggest surprise for me. Here was a strong woman, blonde, beautiful, who wasn't made out to be a b*tchy, whiner or backstabbing type character. She had to fight to fit in, she is smarter than everyone else, she could be sexy without having to dress showing her assets and she managed to be one of the boys without losing her femininity!!

    The humor in SG1 was just fantastic and is probably the one thing that I will miss the most. Though the humor does continue with SGA so all is not lost

    I am sad to see SG1 being cancelled. Always knew the day would come some day, but some day is always so far away until it happens. I am grateful and glad that we got 10 years of some great stories and characters. And now we get to still see everyone in new stories through DVD's. So all does end well!

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    Default Re: GateWorld Wants Your SG-1 Memories!

    - the first time you discovered SG-1
    The first time I viewed SG-1 was August 29, 2005. That was also the day Hurricane Katrina came through. That, actually, was the reason I saw my first episode, in a round about way. I was in Louisiana at the time, and that particular situation was all over the news. And I was watching. However, my roommate was watching SG-1. She'd seen it a few times and this was a Monday night marathon. I'd occasionally glance over and catch a scene or two, but then I'd turn back to the news. I was a weather nut...and this was just a powerful story. In the end though, it became too depressing. I turned it off and decided to watch what my roommate was-Stargate SG-1. The episode? 'Emancipation'.

    - when it became a must-watch
    That first night I was hooked. Then I found out the show was on Monday-Friday and had marathons every Monday. A lo and behold, two others were coming up-the fan favorites one and a S9 one. It was a must watch from the start, and it was like Christmas getting a new episode almost everyday.

    - what you love about the show
    Wow. Where to begin? I mean, the show has everything. Action, humor, friendship, romance, great plot lines, amazing mythology, relatable characters...need I go on? It's got everything I love all rolled into one.

    - which characters made it your favorite show and why
    I love them all. Sam caught my attention first with her fight scene in 'Emancipation'. I was impressed. She's strong, smart, and beautiful-everything I want to be. And Jack. Oh, Jack. Completely endearing. Everything from his humor to his abilities as a commander to his 'playing dumb' act...I just love him. Daniel’s great as well. He's got a good heart and wants to do the right thing. I adore that character. While there is a childlike innocence about him, we have seen him evolve over the years. And Teal'c, a great warrior, is also my big teddy bear. He's the strong, solid presence on the team. I can't forget all the others such as Hammond, Janet, Jacob, etc. All of these characters just clicked and I fell in love with them all.

    - one or two moments from a specific episode that are particularly memorable or poignant to you

    I can't pick just one. I love team moments-snippets taken from time where you see the bonds these friends share. But there are moments like the battle in 'Lost City' that are awe-inspiring, or like Janet's memorial in 'Heroes' that are gut-wrenching.

    This is not nearly as detailed as I would like, but it's all I've got at this hour!

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    Default Re: GateWorld Wants Your SG-1 Memories!

    I've been watching SG1 since it first aired in the UK. I'd loved the movie with its take on Egyptian Mythology, and was fascinated with the idea that it was becoming a series especially as one of my favourite actors, Richard Dean Anderson was starring. It still remains one of the few times, I've made a point to watch a pilot episode and I wasn't disappointed. 'Children of the Gods' picked up right where the movie left off; adventure, camaraderie and friendship, sacrifice. By 'The Broca Divide', I was hooked and most definitely a fan. While my love affair with the show has had its ups and downs, I think its a credit to its overall quality through the years that the last season was as much a must-watch experience for me as its first.

    The original SG1 team was the reason why I fell in love with the show; Jack, Daniel, Sam and Teal'c. All four were fantastically conceived and executed characters yet what has made it fabulous over the years is seeing those characters develop, seeing the relationships evolve between them; seeing not only the times when they came through for each other against all the odds but the times when they disagreed; but all the time caring and loving each other anyway - just like a unique and dysfunctional family.

    And yet, the other thing I love is that the four didn't exist in isolation either as they were surrounded by a richness of extended relationships; Hammond, Janet, Bra'tac, Jacob, Walter, Siler, Reynolds, Thor....and the new additions to the team at various times whether Jonas or Cam, Vala and Landry, have simply added to that richness. Seriously, who wouldn't want to be part of that family?

    There are so many memorable moments from so many episodes to choose from - I started a list and had to stop - it would be far too long - just as the list of episodes to take to a desert island starts with the usual suspects of Abyss and Window of Opportunity, but adds one or two more until suddenly the entire DVD collection is making the trip...

    My final comment here has to be about the cast, crew and production team. While I may not have agreed with every decision made nor every direction taken, time and again, they've created a quality show from the wardrobe to the special effects, the direction to the set design, the stunts to the make-up, the acting to the writing...and the show would never have lasted so long without each individual's contribution to the whole. So, thank you, one and all for ten years of SG1. It's been a pleasure making the journey with you.

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    Smile Re: GateWorld Wants Your SG-1 Memories!

    Quote Originally Posted by Darren View Post
    Hi all,
    To commemorate the Stargate SG-1 series finale in the U.S. this Friday, we are putting together a very special send-off special feature for GateWorld.
    Thanks a ton! We hope that GateWorld's SG-1 farewell will turn out to be a very special tribute to the show we all love.
    First let me just say I think this is a brilliant idea!

    First time I discovered SG1!
    I kinda discovered SG1 by accident. My husband and I were watching Star Trek Voyager on another station and as one does when ones possesses the tv remote, I channel surfed during the commercials and came across SG1. I used to be a Trekki, now I'm a devoted Gater!
    My first episode I recall watching in it's entirety was Desperate Measures and after having bought all the seasons that were currently available at the time, I watched every episode in a mad rush to catch up. It was so worth the late nights watching them all!! Addicted??? Nah, just passionately dedicated!

    When it became a must watch...
    It became a must watch show pretty much from the first episode I saw. Poor hubby was not so happy as he was quite enjoying STV but SG1 won out in the end! Of course after watching the behind the scenes shenanigans I become totally hooked or rather engrosed in watching the dvd's repeatedly if only to start the day off with a good laugh!

    What you love about the show
    What's there not to love about the show! Stargate has everything in it. It has science fact and fiction, humour (which I absolutely love!), drama, mythology, action and the most wonderful cast ensemble ever my humble opinion!
    Stargate also inspires in others, what no other tv program I have seen, has before. And I feel that if a television program can motivate and inspire people to make positive life changes than what's not to love about Stargate!

    Which characters made it your favourite show and why...
    That's a tough one. When I first starting watching the show, I was immediately drawn to Teal'c. I don't know why. He was strong and compassionate all at the same time. He was my hero!
    Then I became interested in Sam Carter. She is such an incredible character. She's strong, smart, a woman working successfully in a predominately male environment, beautiful, and caring about others around her.
    Of course then there's Jack! What can one say about Jack O'Niell! He's funny and caring and he's strong not just in the physical sense but also mentally. And he's pretty darn good looking too!!
    Daniel kinda reminds me of my kid brother. I love his sense of humour and I love his knowledge of history and how passionate he is of the other races they encounter. And he's cute!!
    I haven't had much chance to really get to know Cameron and Vala but to be fair, Cameron is kinda cute and Vala just cracks me up all the time. She's funny!
    So I guess for me, the original four members of SG1 together, made it my favourite show. But if I am truly honest, Sam Carter would have to be my favourite out right!

    A moment or two from a specific episode that made it particularly memorable or poignant... that's even harder.
    I would have to say that a particular moment that is memorable for me from the episode Foothold is when Sam said to Colonel Maybourne:
    "Maybourne you are an idiot everyday of the week. Why couldn't you have taken just one day off".
    I love that scene. One of my favourite!
    I also loved the scene between Sam and Jack in Devide and Conquer when they were stuck behind opposite sides of the force shield. I loved the way they looked at each other. Ok...I'm a shipper but that was a great scene none the less!!
    Really, the are just too many memorable and poignant moments to just mention a few.

    Good quotes from cast and crew
    I don't know of any. Sad as that may seem. I don't have access to magazines or interviews etc unless I have been given a link to one that has been downloaded on YT or elsewhere. But off the top of my head I don't recall any quotes from the cast or crew. Maybe I should rewatch some of the behind the scenes shots on the dvd's because I'm sure there is plenty there.
    Unless you mean something like what Amanda did behind the scenes during the filming for the episode Solitudes with that was hilarious!! You know, the whole MacGyver thing
    "Live Peace - Speak Kindness - Dwell in Possibility"
    Hug Your Loved Ones!!
    ~Amanda Tapping

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