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    Default Re: Get LOST Thread *SPOILERS*


    *must....see.....more Greg Grunberg and Claire...*


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    Default Re: Get LOST Thread *SPOILERS*

    hey i just found the Lost thread and flipped! Lost is a great show! Sawyer w/ his shirt off; gotta love that can't wait until tomorrow when season 2 starts!
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    Default Re: Get LOST Thread *SPOILERS*

    I haven't read the rest of this thread, and I've never seen Lost, but I'm just wondering: How is Lost scifi? YAY DANCING BANANAS!!!

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    Default Re: Get LOST Thread *SPOILERS*

    Quote Originally Posted by kelmah
    I haven't read the rest of this thread, and I've never seen Lost, but I'm just wondering: How is Lost scifi?
    Because its creator says there's a scientific explanation for everything that happens.

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    Default Re: Get LOST Thread *SPOILERS*

    I thought the season 2 premire was alright...I loved the beginning but the story just sort of slowed to a standstill throughout the hour. Perhaps next week will be better. What did everyone else think?

    Oh yeah and Shadowmaat I like your new avitar pic!
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