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Thread: Life on Mars

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    Default Life on Mars

    This thread is for discussion and talk about the hit BBC show Life on Mars.

    The show lasted two series, each with 8 episodes. May sound short, but in my opinion they made the right call to get out while the show was good.

    The show revolved around DCI Sam Tyler, who after being hit by a car ends up in a coma. He then wakes up in 1973 Is he back in time, in a coma, or is he just mad?

    The show had constant strong storylines and kept people highly entertained with a mix of drama, quick wit, and humour.

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    Default Re: Life on Mars

    There's already a Life on Mars thread, dude.

    Good series though. It's somewhere in this part of the forum.
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    Default Re: Life on Mars

    in case you missed the discovery:

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