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    Thor Novel recommendations?

    Which SG-1/SGA novels do you folks recommend? (specifically ones available in the US, since I recall reading many were UK-only, at least for a time)

    Obviously I'd be interested in the ones that are better reads, but I'd also like to avoid any that are outright contradicted by the show itself, as well as know which novels to avoid in general.

    Thanks :

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    Default Re: Novel recommendations?

    Any of the novels put out by Fandemonium are good and to canon. THey ahve to get approved by MGM and stay to character and the show. They are all available in the US either by ordering direct from Fandemonium. I have also seen them in Barnes and Noble bookstores. You can check out the website here:

    For Sg1: I really enjoyed the two part series: A Matter of Honor and The Cost of Honor both by Sally Malcolm. It takes place five years after the ep where the SG team is stranded by the black hole. (Sorry I'm bad with episode names).

    For SgA I really liked Reliquary by Martha Wells and Exogenesis by Sonny Whitelaw and Elizabeth Christensen.

    But really, I have not been disappointed by any of the novels from Fandy. They are all good reads.

    There were some books written by ROC prior to Fandy, but have never read any of them so I cannot comment.

    Hope this bit helps. If you ahve any other questions, there are a few threads devoted to some of the books as well as an Ask the Authors thread.


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    Default Re: Novel recommendations?

    Cost of Honor and Matter of Honor are excellent reads..I would say the best of the bunch.

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    Default Re: Novel recommendations?

    Another vote for Matter of Honor and Cost of Honor! Oh, and the "blackhole" episode is "A Matter of Time", from Season 2. Unless you remember the episode really well, it might be a good idea to go back and watch it again before reading the books.

    I also very much enjoyed the SGA novels Reliquary and Exogenesis. These are the only two SGA ones I've read, so I can't say how any of the others are, but these two were great! Especially Reliquary. I was sad when I got to the end of both of these.

    Good Luck!

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    Default Re: Novel recommendations?

    I gotta give a big recommendation for the SGA novel "Exogenesis." Very well-written and in-character, and almost all of the main characters get a fair share of the story. And you can't go wrong with a biology-based story!
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    Default Re: Novel recommendations?

    Only Fandy novel I didn't like was City of the Gods but I sure love Sonny's Atlantis novels. can't go wrong with Fandy novels. Maybe avoid the Rising novelization if you're up for something new.

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