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    Default Re: How to Stop An Exploding Man (123)

    Quote Originally Posted by MmmmMcKAy View Post
    I'm a new fan of Heroes. Didn't watch it while Season One was on tv. But I took a chance and bought the boxset. I finished last night and want to say, first of all, that the show is wonderful.

    The finale was good, but not great, mainly because Peter and Sylar's fight was a bit anticlimactic.
    Great parts: Ando's alive!!! Yay!
    Hiro is just too cool for words. I love him.
    Nathan came through.
    Claire and Noah!!! He's Claire's real family, like someone said.
    Niki and Jessica coming to terms with each other.

    Good cliffhangers......Hiro in 1600's Japan.......Hmmmmm, did he get into the sewer and who is this uber boogeyman.....I hope Peter is not dead, and Nathan too.

    I don't rally like Parkman so I don't care if he dies.
    i think peter will live, 50:50 on nathan.
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    Default Re: How to Stop An Exploding Man (123)


    1. Whose side is Nakamura senior on? Is he ex-Linderman crew that split?

    2. Hiro in 17th century Japan! WOOO bleep!

    3. The Petrellis. Nathan pulled it round eventually, suspect both brothers are a scratch though.

    4. Matt's 50/50.

    5. Bloody hell the four-way standoff between Bennet-Mohinder and MOlly was insane, glad it got resolved.

    Roll on S2!

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    Default Re: How to Stop An Exploding Man (123)

    I agree MmmmMckay, the fight between Peter and Sylar was anticlimatic, especially after the whole build up and the hint we saw in 'Five years gone.'

    I think the Petrellis will live, just because I will it! lol , and because I don't want them to die.

    Thanks to Copter for the Sig and Avi!!!

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    Default Re: How to Stop An Exploding Man (123)

    I thought the season finale was severely disappointing. The entire season was genius, absolute genius how everything fit into place to this epic ending and - well. We didn't get this epic fight or anything. It lacked and lasted a whole 30 seconds.

    The writers could of done so much there, so much.

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    Default Re: How to Stop An Exploding Man (123)

    The fight at the end of this ep. was a bit disappointing but all in all I think that it was a good ep.

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    Default Re: How to Stop An Exploding Man (123)

    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowMaat View Post
    And everyone coming together at the end was pretty nifty although I find it hard to believe that after all the melodrama with Sylar they'd forget to keep an eye on the body and let it be dragged off into the sewers by ninja turtles.
    That was the ONLY bad part of the ep to me. You would have thought SOMEONE would have mentioned "Quick Sylar's down, but someone just put two in his head to ensure he ain't coming back"..

    Quote Originally Posted by JanusAncient View Post
    I think Sylar was pulled away by the guy who's supposed to be worse than Sylar. Peter isn't dead...we know that he can survive the blast, but Nathan on the other hand, what was he thinking, and Simone's father what is his power, it's absolutely amazing. Was it the same as Peter's?
    I too want to know more on Simone's dad.. He obviously saw pete and had a very good convo with him.. So what was his power.. Entering people's dreams like that Indian kid did?

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