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    GateWorld Prototype (621)

    Visit the Episode GuideSMALLVILLE SEASON SIX

    When his business partner in the U.S. Senate threatens to expose Lex's secret project to create a super soldier with meteor freak DNA, he sends his prototype to eliminate him -- and the witness to the murder, Lois Lane.

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    I liked this episode, it's all leading up to the finale, and you can see how evil Lex has become. Laughing at the fact that Wes killed most of his men, and then wanting to hire more men so Wes can kill them as well.

    Smallville is getting good, I can't wait for the Martian Manhunter next week, hopefully he has a bigger role to play.

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    Did anyone else turn it on and, upon seeing the first two seconds (the satellite), groan at how bad the visual effects were for this episode?
    All the CGI looked lamer than most modern video games. What's going on?

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    I definitely enjoyed this episode. From start to finish, something that doesn't always happen to me with this show. I can't wait to see how they close out this season next week.

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    If Noir and this episode were good... I hope that the finale will be good too, so I'll look forward to season 7.

    I really enjoyed watching this episode. It had a lot of elements that related it to old episodes and it hardly focused on Lana and Lex at all.

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    Lex is now unabashedly evil. Excellent. I want more sinister dealings... Seems like Lionel wants to use Martha's power, or maybe he isn't as evil as he's been pretending to be lol...he yo-yos with his loyalties, it seems.

    Wes' character was very interesting and I loved the plot line, and how he knew Lois. A bleak idea indeed, turning humans to robots who verbalise having system errors. Humm but the episode did feel a bit odd and over the place, but I felt the idea made up for it.

    Where have I seen Lex's doctor guy...

    LOVED how Lex needs humans just for Wes to kill them.

    But now I want more CLARK episodes. Forget the others, let's have more Clark.

    Nice UST moment with Lana and Clark

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