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    Default Spoilers/spec for Season finale

    Everyone seems convinced that Tyrol, Tigh, Tori and Anders are cylons.

    I think this is just a misdirection. All 4 of them were on New Caprica with the Cylons.

    I think it's possible that somehow these characters were given some sort of implant, most likely a Biological implant (cylons are quite capable of making machines out of living tissue) that won't be detected.

    This could also explain the visions of Baltar's "head six" and Roselyn's shared visions with sharon and 6. Maybe they too have been given bio-implants.

    It wouldn't be unlike the cylons to try to manipulate the humans in such a way.

    I just don't think it's as obvious as they are trying to make it seem.

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    Default Re: *Spoilers for Season finale*

    We are convinced they are cylons because RDM confirms that they are cylons.

    Rob: Why did music cause these newly-revealed Cylons to discover they were indeed Cylons. Sharon didn't hear music when she figured it out in season one.
    Ron Moore: It's more that they arrived at a certain point in space and they were made aware of who they are. The music manifests a dawning awareness. These are four of the final five, which puts them in a separate category from everybody else. There are reasons for that I can't really get into. We'll be playing out those plot lines for quite a while.

    R: Are these four all full Cylons?
    RDM: Yes, but they are different fundamentally.

    And in another interview:

    Q: The identities of the four Cylons are so shocking! Tory's always been a little iffy, but the loyalties of Anders, Tigh and the Chief seemed beyond question, and they led the resistance on New Caprica. None of them were the usual suspects. Is there any sort of relationship between that sort of human loyalty and their Cylonity?

    RDM: I don't know that it's directly connected. If you're asking if that was part of the plan to have them take that cover, then no. They're very much unaware of how they could be Cylons, they're confused by the knowledge, and they don't have an agenda. It's not the same as when Sharon was a Cylon—they haven't been to the Cylon parties. All they really know is they're Cylons. They have this revelation to themselves of what their true nature is, but beyond that they have no idea what the agenda is or if they have an agenda or how this could have happened. They're very much in the dark, much like the audience is.

    Q: And just because there will be debate, can you confirm that they are Cylons?

    RDM: Yes, they're Cylons.

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